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Wisconsin Passes Puppy Mill Law
Tireless advocate dies soon after signing

Mark Markarian’s posted a happy story with a sad ending on his blog, Animals & Politics, today. Last week, soon after Wisconsin became the 10th state to adopt legislation cracking down on puppy mills (“requiring licensing, inspection and basic standards of humane care at large-scale dog breeding operations”), one of the prime movers behind the law died. A tireless voice for animal rights and puppy mill crusader, Joyce Kitsemble, attended the signing ceremony at the capitol and fell ill. She was taken to the hospital where she died. As Markarian points out, the law is a tribute to Kitsemble’s inspiring effort, and hopefully will bring some consolation to the many loved ones and admirers she leaves behind.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Rachel Simpson | December 8 2009 |

It made me feel so encouraged to hear that Wisconsin has passed stronger laws to help put an end to the horror of puppy mills, and it made me cry to hear of the death of Joyce Kitsemble so soon after the law was signed. At least she lived long enough to see some change for the better. I hope that I am lucky enough to do the same, here in Ohio, where a few of us have been fighting to put an end to puppy mills and dog auctions. Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle, but it is news like this that keeps us going. Thank you, Joyce, for all that you have done in your life and for inspiring others.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 7 2010 |


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