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What Would You Do To Save Your Dog?
One man fought off a kangaroo.

In Australia, kangaroos can pose a threat to dogs, as one man and his dog experienced first hand over the weekend. The man and his blue Heeler, Rocky, were out for a walk when they surprised a kangaroo that the dog chased into a pond. The kangaroo then turned, caught the dog and held him underwater. Apparently, this is a known defense by kangaroos when being chased by dogs—lead them to water and then attempt to drown them. The man rescued his dog, knowing he could get hurt by the kangaroo, but not expecting to be attacked as severely as he was. Rocky was not far from succumbing to drowning when he was freed, and the man who saved him is in stable condition despite sustaining serious injuries.

This man was courageous in his efforts to save his dog and I admire that. I don’t mean to take away from what he did, but many people would have done the same or at least tried to. Have you ever had to risk your own safety for your dog? Would you?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Carolyn | November 23 2009 |

Yes -- I have a small fluffy white dog. We were walking and I looked over to see a puma stalking us in the tall grass. I picked my dog up and faced the puma. It kept coming, slinking toward us, ears and tail twitching, green eyes riveted on us. I was so scared my knees were literally knocking together. I felt it wanted the dog -- she'd only been adopted less than a week ago, but I couldn't make myself throw her to the cat even though logic told me that would be smart. It was a our lucky day, because at the last possible moment, the puma stopped and checked us out -- we stayed facing it -- and then crossed the road not 15 ft. in front of us. I very carefully walked past it and headed home, carrying my dog.

Maggie and I had another 5 puma encounters over the next couple years, not quite that close, but very scary before that animal, who was killing livestock, was finally killed.

Submitted by Ron | December 1 2009 |

'The Kangaroo iiiiiis Toast!'

Submitted by Jenny H | January 30 2010 |

Sorry. The man might have risked his life to save his dog, BUT
he couldn't spend the time to teach his dog to NOT chase kangaroos

Or in other words it was the man's fault in the first place that his dog was endangered. The kangaroo was NOT at fault -- it was simply saving its own life in the best way it knew how to!!

Kangaroos are lovely creatures and deserve better than having irresponsible dog owners let their dogs chase them.

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