Weekly Smilers
Weekly Smilers 7-18-11
Smiling Dogs
  • Aiden and Milis
    Aiden and Milis
  • Allie, Baxter,  Bebe,  Buster
    Allie, Baxter, Bebe, Buster
  • Charley,  Chester,  Doc
    Charley, Chester, Doc
  • Dora,  Finnegan,  Heidi
    Dora, Finnegan, Heidi
  • Freya and Winston
    Freya and Winston
  • Guiness
  • Gypsy
  • Huckleberry,  Jacpot,  Jake
    Huckleberry, Jacpot, Jake
  • Jasper & Otis,  Jesse,  Jewelzy
    Jasper & Otis, Jesse, Jewelzy
  • Juno
  • Kali
  • Lexie
  • Libby,  Marley &  Neala,  Miko
    Libby, Marley & Neala, Miko
  • Molly,  Monster, Nikki
    Molly, Monster, Nikki
  • Oliver
  • Ollie,  Pepper,  Punkin
    Ollie, Pepper, Punkin
  • Piper
  • Riddick,  Roz,  Ruffi
    Riddick, Roz, Ruffi
  • Riley
  • Sam
  • Scarlet  and Ginger
    Scarlet and Ginger
  • Smiley,  Stella,  Timber,  Waldo
    Smiley, Stella, Timber, Waldo
  • Tucker
  • Willy,  Woody
    Willy, Woody

Smiling dogs are a renewable resource. Check here for your daily dose of shy, cheerful and toothy grins.

Send us your smiling dog! We LOVE them and we WANT yours! When you e-mail your photo, be sure to include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo. We pick 40 favorites to appear in each issue of our magazine (published five times a year). All the others will be posted online weekly. Look for yours to appear soon!

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Submitted by Anonymous | July 18 2011 |

Sam is gorgeous-not to mention the photo itself. Delightful smilers.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 18 2011 |

Scarlett and Ginger-gorgeous family.

Submitted by Aunt Bettie | July 19 2011 |

Jessie you are so cute........I love you

Submitted by Jesse's Mom | July 19 2011 |

Thanks, Aunt Bettie, but you spelled my name wrong...it's JESSE :-) Love you, Aunt Bettie...bring me treats!

Submitted by Robert | July 20 2011 |

Gypsy really loves going to the Dog Park and he thinks that the spotted fire hydrant belongs to him. The first thing he does is check it for 'Pee Mail'. I have trained Gypsy for Therapy work and he loves all the attention. Before I got him, a friend of my way out in the country watched him go by, riding in the back of a pick up. The truck went right, Gypsy went left and the driver never came back. Gypsy wandered the country side for several weeks with my friend leaving out scraps and his other dogs eventually accepted the dirty yellow lab. Then a transfer to another city came and my friend could only take his own four dogs. He knew that I just had a Jack/Beagle mix pass away. I really had no intent on such a large dog but I didn't want one of the other ranchers shooting him so we gave it a try. Buster was a Frisbee loving dog that rode on the dash of my tractor/truck for over a million miles. Gypsy is a Labrador but only retrieves squirrels.(And a few of the Neighbors Cats until I could convince him that this is a very unsociable act.) During his Therapy Training, we were both attacked on the street by a Pit/Rotty mix that ran out of someone's house. Blood, stitches, police, who nine yards: not fun. It set him back a bit in tolerating other dogs but he has made huge strides. (Hasn't ate a Chihuahua in over a month!:-) As long as no dog get's in his face, yapping, he's good to go but I always reconner the Rest Home before I bring Gypsy inside. (You godda watch those Purse Pomeranian or a Pop Up Yorkie in a canvas shopping bag!) Yep, Gypsy is a very different dog from Buster but that's OK, he's just a lot more mutt to hug. Oh, if you see Gypsy and I going down the road, you will see that he still rides in the back of a pick up bed only mine has a special enclosure. Yes, it looks like a rolling shaded chicken coop but Gypsy will no longer be in danger of being orphaned ever again.


Submitted by Molly's Family | July 20 2011 |

Love seeing Molly (the Black Beastie)this week.

Submitted by Deb | July 20 2011 |

Another feel good dose of smiling dogs! Just love your weekly smiles.

Submitted by Daavid | July 20 2011 |

Another STAR is discovered! Heidi is the second dog we have in our daycare at RUFF 'N READY little doggie DAYCARE to appear in THE BARK!
Having a great hair day this ultimate party girl will have to dodge a ton of puppyrazzi!
We hear she is peddling yet another reality T.V. show in Hollywood- Housedogs of San Francisco, while her hot video "Corgi's Gone Wild" is selling like hot pupperoni!
You go girl, let the party get started!