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Vet School Profile: Colorado State University


Best known for—
• Treating and researching animal cancer
• Researching radiology and its medical applications
• Offering the world’s first courses in animal and veterinary medicine ethics
• Focusing on veterinary communication (communication between clients and veterinarians)
• Pioneering canine open-heart surgery technology and techniques
• Researching and diagnosing infectious diseases




This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 48: May/Jun 2008
Martha Schindler Connors writes about health, fitness and nutrition and is a former senior editor at Natural Health. In her free time, she volunteers with Pointer Rescue (pointerrescue.org). martha-connors.com

Photographs courtesy of Colorado State University

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Submitted by Tom Cusing | June 17 2012 |

• Offering the world’s first courses in animal and veterinary medicine ethics

This may be the greatest contribution CSU has made to animal welfare. Dr. Bernie Rollin's pioneering work in veterinary ethics challenged the hide-bound, often inhumane, inertia of veterinary education and approaches to treatment. Once he asked the Qs, change was inevitable because there simply were no good answers. Of course, that couldn't have happened without a receptive Administration that supported his groundbreaking work.

So, four paws way up for CSU and Dr Rollin!

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