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Update: Puppy Mill Bust
One couple pleads guilty, others face charges

The Seattle Times reported that the couple arrested for running a puppy mill in January, where 160 dogs were found in deplorable conditions in Gold Bar, Wash., pled guilty on Nov. 20 to six counts each of first-degree animal cruelty. (Bark covered this bust with a story by Jan Rodak in the May/Jun 2009 issue.) The prosecution is seeking a 12-month sentence for each defendant.

A second couple faces multiple felony animal-cruelty charges in Skagit County, Wash., where they were arrested and hundreds more dogs were seized in a related puppy mill. But so far no charges have been filed Renee Roske, the kennel owner for whom the Gold Bar defendants claimed to be working. (The Times reports that the Skagit County defendants are Roske's parents.) An investigation of Roske is reportedly ongoing—and we can only hope she will be held accountable for masterminding all this cruelty. 

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Submitted by Anonymous | December 1 2009 |

Thanks for the update. I hope these people are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Someday, someday, I hope to see puppy mills shut down in the US.

Submitted by Dianne | December 4 2009 |

Unfortunately for the mill dogs, most people are unaware, or refuse to believe, that 99% of pet store puppies originate in the mills. Commercial breeders (read "mills") make their living breeding and selling puppies. Is this legal? Yes. Is this morally right? Not in my opinion, when thousands of dogs are being put to death in shelters every year, their only fault being that they do not have a home. In 1997, in my home state of PA, 84,000 animals entered shelters. How many of those animals do you think came out alive?
So-called "Dog Lovers" must walk the talk by opening their hearts and homes to a needy pet. As long as people demand puppies, the mills and their associated evils will continue to proliferate. BTW, I do practice what I preach. I share my home with 3 formerly homeless mixed breed dogs, all adopted as adults.
For more info on the mills, particularly in PA, see www.NPPMWatch.com

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