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In Tribute to Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is buried – there just beyond my kitchen window


Maggie Mae is buried – there

just beyond my kitchen window

under the summer canopy

of ancient apple trees


Appropriate don’t you think?

Her round head, round eyes

framed in apples,

her greeting a dizzying

 round go round.


            Today the wind picked up

            and a dozen apples fell

            one split in two revealing

            A chambered heart--necessary dark seeds.


            At dusk deer will tiptoe hushed

            into the palpable shadows

            and I will hear her bark bark

            at their trespass, will see her run


                        run again, run wily and whole

                        first into the tall grasses

                        before the sweet turning back

                        toward the light of home.


Gloria Nixon-John, a retired teacher and freelance writer living in Oxford, Mich., found Maggie on the street after the dog had been hit by a car. Maggie had numerous surgeries and lived happily ever after with Nixon-John for 10 years.
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Submitted by Virginia | April 27 2010 |

A beautiful tribute! Love the image of Maggie Mae barking at the deer under the apple tree.

Submitted by Sarah | August 17 2011 |

Your poem made me cry. It was so lovely. Thank you for sharing Maggie Mae with me.

Submitted by tricia bailey | May 15 2010 |

What a beautiful poem and a beautiful dog! Words cannot even express my feelings right now. March of 2009 was a nightmare for our family. My beloved cat Pinky was hit by a car right in front of me and died in my arms. One week later, while coaching my son's basketball game, our home burned. I lost 17 furry family members who were my best friends that day. Four of our cats were able to escape thru a window. My life shattered that day. It's been a year later and I am finally able to remember the good memorizies and the happy times. Not always without tears but I am able to concentrate on the good they brought to my life not just on my grief. Your poem did bring a tear to my eye but also a smile! Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your beautiful angel that will always be with you.

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