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Tips Galore for a Green Spring Cleaning


S.O.S. Magic Scouring Pads advertisement, 1955. Haines Hall
S.O.S. Magic Scouring Pads advertisement, 1955. Haines Hall

To keep drains from clogging, use 1/4 baking soda followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar and flush down the drain. It foams way up and works!—Pat Byrnes, Northampton, Mass.


To remove candle wax off of carpet:  place some ice cubes in a plastic bag against the wax on the carpet.  The ice should make the wax brittle and easy to pick/pull off of the carpet.—Dianne Houghtaling, Lansdale, Pa.


Wash windows with vinegar and water instead of window cleaners.—Boni Tenenbaum, Dublin, Calif.


Using a steam cleaner eliminates the need for chemicals.—Roz Granitz, Novi, Mich.


We use beeswax or soy candles with lead-free wicks so not to poison ourselves or our puppy when we use candles.—Susan Weis-Bohlen, Baltimore, Md.


Use hydrogen peroxide to kill germs and bacteria instead of bleach.—Amy Miller, Eagle point, Ore.


To replace disposable paper towels for cleaning, cut up old bath towels and worn t-shirts. Socks make great furniture dusters.—Gina Isaac, Eugene, Ore.


Microfiber cloths are about the best there is to attract and grab pet hair and with 2 Dalmatians, I need them!  They're washable and reusable.—Barbara Brandon, Parma, Ohio


We take advantage of our building's composting so that we cut down on trash. Since there's not rotting food in the trash bin, we don't have to take it out as often. With the combo of compost and recycling, the volume of trash really dwindles.—Lijay Shih, San Francisco, Calif.


When your dog pulls the stuffing out of her toy, don’t throw it away. Put it out in the yard for nesting material for birds and small animals.—Linda DeCelles, Rowley, Mass.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 69: Mar/Apr/May 2012
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Submitted by Anonymous | April 12 2012 |

There's not much that's "green" about putting the stuffing from pet toys out for the birds to use in their nests. In most toys, it's a non-biodegradable fiber that will be in the environment for a very long time.

I have a wire mesh basket hanging from a tree outside. During nesting season, I fill it with the combings from my long-haired mutt. They disappear quickly.

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