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Talking Dogs with Nick Trout, DVM
This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 51: Nov/Dec 2008
Lee Harrington is the author of the best-selling memoir, Rex and the City: A Woman, a Man, and a Dysfunctional Dog (Random House, 2006), and of the forthcoming novel, Nothing Keeps a Frenchman from His Lunch. emharrington.com
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Submitted by Judy from Long ... | February 26 2011 |

I read with interest the article on preventive gastropexy in the latest edition of Bark Magazine. As a former breeder/exhibitor of German Shepherd dogs ( who now only does rescue), I have long had gastropexy performed on my dogs, generally when they are spayed or neutered. Having only one experience with torsion many years ago was enough for me to suggest it to my vet, who throught it was an excellent idea. (The stricken dog did survive and lived for many more years). The dilemma arises if there is no reason for an animal to have surgery; then the question is whether to subject our pets to surgery and anesthesia preventively.

It should also be noted that gastropexy won't necessarily prevent bloat; it will, however, prevent torsion, which is generally the primary threat to a dog's life. It was surprising to me that Dr. Trout was not only unfamiliar with gastropexy as a preventive procedure, but that he questioned its efficacy in light of the fact that the dog in question was about to undergo spay surgery.

I would also add that my one experience with torsion was my only one and I have had scores of Shepherds over the years. Judy Zinn
Laurel Hollow, NY

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