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Stay Home TV Night
Tonight, two programs shed light on puppy mills—before and after.
Rescued from a commercial breeder, DogTown resident Mei Mei might be ready for her forever home.

Tonight, ABC’s Nightline is running the first major investigative report on puppy mills since Oprah’s exposé about one year ago. The story, which includes chilling footage from a hidden camera, also features a surprisingly cooperative Mennonite commercial breeder offering a tour of his operation. (This is probably a one-of-a-kind moment.) The program will be tough to watch, but it’s an essential part of getting the truth about large-scale commercial breeding operations into the public consciousness.

We plan to gather our courage, beforehand, with a new episode of DogTown. The National Geographic Channel’s reality show, set at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, follows the lives of rescued dogs who have been abused, neglected or with urgent medical conditions. Two of the pups featured tonight—Mei Mei and Gertie—were rescued from a commercial breeding operation near Palmdale, Calif. To witness their amazing second acts gives one hope about dogs’ resilience and the potential of positive of human intervention.

Nightline puppy mill report: ABC, tonight (March 27) at 11:35 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Check listings for your time zone.

Dog Town: National Geographic Channel, Fridays, 10 p.m.

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Submitted by Anonymous | March 27 2009 |

I'll be watching ABC's Nightline tonight... assuming I can stay awake! :)

Submitted by Carolyn with Ma... | March 28 2009 |

I truly hope programs like these bring much needed attention and public outrage to puppy mills. We don't have television and sorry I missed them.

Submitted by Kathy Konetzka-Close | April 1 2009 |

I missed the Nightline episode but I did catch DogTown, which I try to watch every week. Mei Mei was just an adorable little dog and it was so gratifying to see her come out of her shell and enjoy a normal life. Poor Gertie has some health issues that she will deal with for her entire lifetime, but she was just a little sweetie too. I hope they both do very well in their respective new homes. Any day that a puppy mill is closed down is a good day. And kudos to the staff at Best Friends; they do some amazing work.

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