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What is she?

My Elsie has been called a polar bear, a Yeti, the dragon from the Never Ending Story, a Terrier on steroids and more. Any idea what’s in there?


I adopted her from the Safe Harbor Prison Dogs program in Lansing, Kansas. They obtained her from a shelter in Kansas City that puts animals down after a period of time, and someone at the shelter thought she was too cool of a dog to be euthanized and called Safe Harbor. I found her on Petfinder. She currently weighs in at 130 pounds. We think she may be about four-years-old at this point.


—Lisa Jo Sutherland, Lawrence, Kansas



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Submitted by adale in louisv... | March 6 2012 |

got to have some great pyrenees in there.
and perhaps some mastiff.
the picture certainly doesn't look like a large dog.

Submitted by Lisa Jo | March 19 2012 |

Elsie coat does not come across well in the picture, she is wire haired but without seeeing that I understand the pyrernees thought.
Her legs are very short and front legs are slightly bowed like a bull dog. Should have stood beside her for scale purposes. Thanks for your input. She is my cartoon dog and a great one. Lisa

Submitted by Loma | March 6 2012 |

Had a dog just like this years ago and it was a Golden Retriever mixed with an Old English Sheep Dog. He was snow wire, had fuffy, wire like hair and shed like crazy. He weighed over 100 lbs. Beautiful dog.

Submitted by Lisa Jo | March 19 2012 |

Thanks for your input. Had not considered the Sheep Dog gene. You nailed the wire hair but she does not shed unless brushed. She is a delight and a challenge what ever she is. Thanks again. Lisa

Submitted by Nina L. | March 7 2012 |

100% goodness is the breed. If you are really curious you can take a swab of your pup's saliva and do a DNA test. There is a company that specializes in identifying the breeds in mutts. Not sure of the e address - but I bet someone out there knows.

Submitted by Darlene | March 8 2012 |

I have an 18-pound mix from Mexico. She is black and white, has long floppy ears, long hair, part of it curly, pointed nose, climbs trees, and looks like a distant relative of a Tibetian Terrier. I had 2 DNA tests done. 1st one came back as: sheltie, great pyrenees, and papillion. Nope. 2nd one: samoyed, japanese chin, and chihuahua. Nope. So I gave up and just love her to death...but I still wonder what she could be.

Submitted by Molly | April 4 2012 |

I also have a mini-mut of Mexican ancestory (He's 7.5 #). I'v been talking about DNA testing, I'm kind'a sure about the Chi, but not what's left. Now I'm thinking what the heck, it really doesn't matter. He's fabulous.

Submitted by Debbi | March 14 2012 |

If the picture is accurate, I'm betting on some mastiff also (or bulldog) due to the shorter muzzle and close fitting ears. Otherwise...??? Golden retriver? Terrier? Great Pyrenees? She sure looks like a cutie, whatever she is. :)

Submitted by Lisa Jo | March 19 2012 |

Hey Debbi,
I have not done a DNA test but bull dog is without doubt in there. The picture does not show off her terrier coat well at all but then you guessed that too. She is the best. Thanks for your input

Submitted by Joy | March 27 2012 |

In my opinion, the definitive answer is, "The doggie is from a good family". Nuff said....

Submitted by Beverly Spencer | May 9 2013 |

She doesn't look much like Winfield, but she is beautiful, never the less!

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