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Shaggy Muses


With this book, Adams has created a niche that will thrill those who love literature, biography and dogs. She combines bodies of knowledge from her first career as a professor of literature and her second as a psychologist to explain the importance of canines in the lives of these five inspired and inspiring women. Presented through her psychological and literary lens, the biographies of these celebrated literary figures open up facets of these women’s lives with dogs never before fully explored, and open up to us dog lovers an occasion to see how dogs helped shape the writings and lives that have in turn shaped and inspired us.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 43: Jul/Aug 2007
Kay Elliott is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and owner of Handful of Hounds. She lives with two rambunctious rescued Rottweilers in Petaluma, Calif. handfulofhounds.com

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