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Rally for a Shelter Dog

Two-year old Fletch has lived at Mount Vernon, Ohio’s Knox County shelter for seven months but a week ago he was facing execution. He had accidentally nipped a girl on the hand while the two were playing together—his first offense ever. But Fletch is a well-loved dog by shelter workers and the public so when dog warden, Jordan Barnard, issued the final sentence on him, animal lovers and friends of Fletch went into action. Thousands signed online petitions, and more than a 100 gathered in downtown Mount Vernon to wave signs and get supportive honks from passing cars.

Cody Jackson, 41, of Mount Vernon, had been hoping to adopt Fletch, so he filed an injunction to block the dog’s euthanization. Fletch’s case went to court, with his advocates packing the municipal courtroom. All were relieved when Judge Spurgeon seemed unmoved by the warden’s case and ordered the dog released to Phil Samuell, a shelter volunteer who offered to foster the dog. Samuell takes marvelous photos of shelter dogs to entice adoptions (and often sends them to us for our viewing pleasure), and tells us that the warden has appealed this stay of execution, so a further hearing is now set for 4/1/14. Let’s hope that Fletch’s case is resolved and he gets a permanent reprieve and to go to his forever home with Jackson.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com

Phil Samuell

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Submitted by Amy J.1 | April 1 2014 |

I have met the most amazing dogs saved from death row. I volunteer and shoot video at Dekalb animal control and I also shoot video at two Jail Dog programs here in Georgia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jail-Dogs-In-1C/139342539431656 I sure hope Fletch gets out of there soon!!

Submitted by Ellen Samson | April 26 2014 |

The problem in our society now is that people seem to have forgotten about Common Sense ! By all accounts Fletch is a great dog. He ACCIDENTLY nipped someone. It was an accident, NOT an attack ! That dog warden needs to rethink his job ! In my opinion he's getting way too technical ! Best wishes Fletch for the forever home you deserve.

Submitted by Toni Ann Zimmerman | April 2 2014 |

The warden is wasting money that could go to the shelter just to prove a point. Someone wants to love this dog so sit down & shut up. Also the county shouldn't pay him for the time he's wasted being out of his office.

Submitted by Brenda | April 3 2014 |

Why, oh why is it that many of the people who run our shelters across the country seem so hell bent on killing the animals under their "care"? They are (for the most part) paid by our tax dollars to "shelter" - provide care, reunite owners with lost pets & find homes for the rest. The only dogs that should be euthanized are the medically hopeless and those with extreme aggression. I hope that cooler heads prevail in this case and the dog is allowed to live.

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