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Raccoon Attacks Woman and Dog
Rabid animals pose danger

When wild animals attack people and dogs, it can be a sign that they are rabid. Rabies affects the behavior of animals including raccoons, skunks and foxes. One of the signs of rabies across species is a tendency to bite without provocation. A couple in Georgia found out for themselves how scary an attack by a potentially rabid animal can be when a raccoon attacked them and their puppy. The man knocked the raccoon out with a stick when it grabbed their puppy’s head. The woman has now gone through the painful rabies treatment and their dog had to be quarantined for 10 days.

Where I live, in Flagstaff, Ariz., efforts are underway to vaccinate wild animals against rabies with edible packets of vaccine. In order to make sure that these vaccines are consumed by wild animals rather than by pets, there is a pet quarantine in effect for the next couple of weeks. Dogs and cats are required to be either confined indoors or kept on a leash of six feet or less.
Have you or your dogs had a run-in with a wild animal acting in an unusual way?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.


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Submitted by Debra An | February 10 2013 |

Yes, I have had a serious problem with a very large raccoon. It killed all of my Koi, Comments in two of my ponds in one night. The raccoon came back for more as I had numerous pets. I called Fish and game after this raccoon grabbed one of my Texas Mallards and took him under the house. I could hear him crunching on his bones. My miniature Dachshund ran after the raccoon as he took him under the house. The raccoon attacked Snoopy, the dog who tried to protected all of our pets. Unfortunately, the raccoon attacked Snoopy and Snoopy just froze in terror! I had to call him numerous times to come out from under the house. Even though I could see him, I could not get to him as the crawl space was too small for a person to get under. Unfortunately I was not dealing with a stupid raccoon, as no one, not even fish and game could catch him. Due to living to close to my neighbors I was not allowed to use firearms, of I would have made this raccoon a coon skin hat for my son! This raccoon was a terror to all my animals and me! One night I went out and heard my chickens making a lot of noise. I knew that meant something was frightening them and it probably was a predator, by the noise that they were making. I went out to investigate, with my faithful companion dog, Snoopy. I walked along the fence and heard this noise which sounded like a coffee peculator. I looked up and saw this huge shadow on the top of the fence and I realized it was the same raccoon warning me to get away from him. So I backed up slowly so I would not cause him to attack me. I looked around for a shovel and found one. by the time I got back he was gone. One day Snoopy got attacked by that raccoon, trying to save the other Texas Mallard that we had, except this time the injures he sustained were bad! The raccoon punctured Snoopy's jugular on the left side of his neck. If I would not have gone to Veterinary Technician school, I know Snoopy would have died shortly after I found him. Luckily, I saw him and knew exactly what to do for him. I wrapped a t-shirt around his neck and put it tight enough so it would put pressure on the injury as so he would lose little blood. I tied it over the hole the raccoon made in his neck. Went to the next door neighbors to have them watch my daughter as I raced my faithful friend to the hospital. I did not have the money to get him surgery as he needed, but since I used to work at that emergency hospital, they bandaged him up cleaned out the injury and did what they could. They told me that they did not expect that he would live, as he was in shock from the injury. I could not afford a transfusion of blood, but to everyone's surprise, except mine he pulled through and lived! I did the best I could to nurse him back to health About three months later the raccoon came back, but this time he came back for Snoopy. The raccoon attacked, then killed and took my Snoopy away. I never did find his body! I was so hurt and angry at that raccoon for all of my pets he killed and all the money he caused me. All I found of Snoopy's was his collar, with a canine bite in it! To this day I so regret not killing that raccoon! I wounder how many other people's houses he raided of their pets!

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