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Poison Meatballs
Three dogs dead in Spokane

Last week, Lee Harrington blogged about a post on Craigslist that contained a threat to plant poison in New York City dog runs. It may have been a hoax but, since you can never be sure, NYCdogs sent out an alert. This week in Spokane, Wash., poison meatballs on the ground have caused the death of at least three dogs. In at least one case, the meatballs were discovered and ingested on private property.

I don’t monitor my dogs’ every move when they are in the backyard. Until today, I figured I knew what was back there. I’m guessing (hoping) this an isolated aberration, some sort of personal neighborhood grudge, and that no more dogs will be hurt.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Candace | February 22 2010 |

This is not new in the city I live in, in a span of two weeks one neighbor had a whole cut in the chain link dog run and someone tried to steal the puppy from the backyard, another neighbor had to rush her dog to the vet after someone tried to poison him. Luckily both dogs were fine but the police would not look for the people even though they were given a license plate. They said because the dog did not die there was no crime, the other option is to have the food tested, it costs over $1000 per round of tests and if it doesn't show up as a common substance you just have to keep paying for more tests until they find it. My neighbor could not afford these tests so now she remains in her yard at all times when her dog is out, she is afraid that they might come back.

Submitted by Maggie McGovern | February 26 2010 |

Unfortunately, this is once again true in Toronto. Potential poisonings rattle dog owners: http://www.nationalpost.com/story-printer.html?id=2600020
It makes dog owners anxious about taking their urban dogs to run and play at the dog parks in the their neighbourhoods.

Submitted by Wendy | March 1 2010 |

This is not new, period. My Grandfather had an amazing Chesapeake when my mom was growing up (mid 50's) who was found dead of poisoning a block from their house. This happened in a very small town in Southern MN. They figured at the time that someone was jealous of the great hunting dog my Grandpa had. Never determined who it was.

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