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The “Pill” for Strays: Nonsurgical Sterilzation


If, rather than a single product that meets every need, there were several products with specific complementary targets, the world’s strays would still be better off by several orders of magnitude. An injectable sterilant for male puppies, for instance, and an implant that keeps female cats sterile for three years would be huge steps forward.

“It’s like you’re working toward a car that will get 100 miles per gallon and in the meantime, someone comes up with one that gets 60. That’s pretty great,” says Zawistowski. “I’d still get pretty excited about that.” Briggs and others think it will be about 10 years before an effective, all-purpose product is approved for use in the United States, with much of that time consumed by regulatory issues.

For many veteran animal rescuers, the idea of handing out dog-biscuit sterilants instead of appealing for donations, volunteers, operating space, a skilled vet, anesthesia and towels would be a lifetime dream fulfilled.

“After 25 years in animal welfare in Puerto Rico, I have probably spent thousands of hours and much of my personal income on getting as many dogs and cats sterilized as possible — because it’s the only way we can begin to address the horrible problems we have here,” says Edilia Vazquez, president of All Sato Rescue. “If we could stop that and put all our time and money into other programs, like education and enforcement of our animal cruelty laws, we would have a real chance.”



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 64: Apr/May 2011
Twig Mowatt covered the drug war in Colombia for the New York Times and the Associated Press and now writes about animal issues. She works closely with dog rescue organizations in Puerto Rico and with GREY2K USA. grey2kusa.org
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Submitted by Anonymous | December 9 2012 |


I was wondering where can one get these pills from.
I'm writing on behalf of my uncle in India and they want to use it on the stray dogs in their area who's number is increasing very fast.

could you please tell me where to get them from or can I order them.


Submitted by David | August 16 2014 |

Did you find out where to buy the pills for sterilizing cats I have lots of strays also and they just had 11 babies and I am to nice of a person to be to cruel please help me find the pills...Thanks David

Submitted by Linda | June 11 2013 |

Can you please tell me where I can get this pill for cats. For some reason, people drop unwanted cats at my house and I can't afford to get anymore fixed through the vets office. I have spent hundreds of dollars and just can't afford anymore. I have so far had 9 cats fixed and it is quite expensive. I await your reply.
Thank you very much for your help.

Submitted by debi | February 16 2014 |

I feel the Cookie option is not a good one .. to many of the AR people can get access to all dogs and cause way to many problems.

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