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Kong Love
Dog toys make me happy
I found my Kong keys!

Maybe it was when I started using the Kong keychain, but at some point I realized that I was a bit over the top with my enthusiasm for Kong toys. I get excited about new ones that come out, and maintain a breathless enthusiasm for the original, too.

I love that dogs have such fun with them, and that Kongs can truly enrich their daily lives. Dogs often consider them a higher quality fetch toy than regular balls, perhaps because of their erratic bouncing. It’s cool that many dogs who chew everything else to pieces can enjoy the same Kong toy for years. (I am aware, of course, that a small percentage of dogs do chew them up, though the Extreme Kongs work for many of these heavy chewers.)
Kong toys can alleviate boredom for dogs by giving them mental exercise, and they are great for independent play as well as play between people and dogs. I use Kong toys to treat many behavioral issues from high arousal and destructive chewing to separation anxiety and aggression.
Are Kongs in your life? What do you and your dogs love about them?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by KIm | June 28 2010 |

My current generation of dogs don't find much use for a kong other than when I stuff them for their enjoyment each day before I leave for work. However, my last generation of dogs loved them in every sense of the word, they played fetch with them and they loved to throw them by themselves and follow the path they took, they used them for jawaerobics would just sit and chew, even though my dogs now are not huge fans, I am, this is still one of my most favorite toys and yes, I also have the key chain and I purchase every new kong toy that comes out, even though my dogs don't like them! However, I must admit I was sorely disappointed when kong took their Air Q Tease off the market, that was the best ever dog toy and even this generation of dogs love that toy. I found an outlet on line and purchased about 20 of them to keep for future use...so if anyone has any pull with the kong company have them re-release the Air Q Tease line of toys! Oh and their squeaky tennis balls are the best...my dogs do enjoy those!

Submitted by Amy | June 29 2010 |

Me too. I spent weeks trying to locate the new Kong Wobbler toy, before finially realizing it had not been released yet. I think I was more excited over it than my dogs.

Submitted by Frances | July 1 2010 |

Sophy, my papillon, discovered that dropping a stuffed Kong down the stairs is the quickest way of unstuffing it - great until she finds one with a tiny bit left in it in the middle of the night! The tiny squeaky tennis balls are a god send for small pups. Must try more of the others, although at the moment my dogs favourite toys are various small ones from Petstages, and IKEA rats and mice! They are not power chewers, and don't swallow bits from soft toys they manage to dismantle, so we have a pretty wide field of choice.

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