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Issue 77: Spring 2014

With this Spring issue, we return to what made The Bark special when we began publishing almost two decades ago. We’ve often been called The New Yorker for dog lovers, probably because we tend to favor well-crafted, long form narrative essays and expository journalism. An essay, “Is It Time?” by Suzanne Roberts is the perfect example; when considering that question, the one we all dread, a longer treatment works best. As a perfect complement to Roberts’ piece, Katherine Goldberg, DVM, shares her experience as a hospice-care practitioner. It’s never easy to be confronted with the questions raised in these stories, but we believe you will be better equipped to do so after reading them. John Woestendiek tackles another question we all grapple with in “Finding Dr. Right”; as background, we asked you to tell us what you thought of your vets, what they might be missing and what they got just right. Some of you had nothing but praise, but like me, others seem to still be in search of that almost-perfect one. We also have an inspiring story from Melissa Fay Greene about how a little rescue Terrier helped her son during his recovery from cancer. And Terry Davis’ comedic “dog creationist” story, “Canis Mythicus,” is sure to delight and cause you to wonder how it did actually all come about. In the “life with dogs” category, Karen London considers ongoing research on tail wagging, an activity that not only reveals dogs’ inner attitudes but also shows that, like us, they have the left/right-hemisphere thing going on. Next, a young Polish couple tell us about a remarkable Himalayan trek they took with their dog; their photos of this trip are stunning and may make you long for similar adventures. And if you’re concerned about your dog’s vaccination schedule, Mardi Richmond explains the titer alternatives. We learn that dogs can aid in our recovery, and we examine the sanctuary trend in sheltering and discover how dogs respond to smooth tunes. Plus tips from an expert traveler, lacey crafts from a textile artist and so much more. Bark is a magazine for people who not only love dogs but also have an insatiable desire to learn about them. It has always been our goal to fulfill that need. So, without further ado, pick up a copy of the first issue of 2014 and enjoy!

Saying Good-Bye: Palliative and hospice care making strides. By Katherine Goldberg, DVM
Is It Time? This is when you know: By Suzanne Roberts
Himalayas on Four Paws: Dogtrekking through the Indian Garhwal. By Przemek Bucharowski and Agata Wlodarczyk
Finding Dr. Right: Searching for the ideal vet is like searching for the ideal mate. By John Woestendiek
Canis Mythicus: A“creation” story that makes sense. By Terry Davis
Bodie: Is it possible for a dog to help in a recovery? By Melissa Fay Greene

Guest Editorial: Animal-Kind International
Bark’s Spring Tips
ParaOlympic Skier
Survivors—tales of puppy mill dogs.
Queen Victoria
Nail Clipping Tips
DIYs: Felt dogs and knitting wolves
SMILING DOGS: Simply irresistible
OVERHEARD: Authors on dogs
NEW PRODUCTS: Something for everyone

It’s A Dog’s Life
TRAVEL: Sharing Expert Tips, new book, Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel
ART-CRAFT: Textile Sculptures, Donya Coward’s beaded, lacey creations.
THERAPIES: Bringing calming music to shelter dogs. By Lee Harrington
ACTIVITIES: Trick training for small spaces. By Sassafras Lowrey
HEALTH: Consider titer testing. By Mardi Richmond
SECOND OPINION: The power of unexpected recoveries. By Nick Trout, DVM
BEHAVIOR: Is Your Dog a Southpaw? By Karen B. London, PhD
RESCUE: David Backes, NHL star, launches Athletes for Animals. By Trent Reinsmith
SHELTERING: Our Companions Sanctuary, a new shelter in Conn. By Twig Mowatt
REVIEWS: Dog Sports Skills by Denise Fenzi and Deborah Jones; The Good Boy by Theresa Schwegel; How to Foster Dogs by Pat Miller, Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout, DVM
TALKING WITH THE AUTHORS: Theresa Schwegel; Denise Fenzi
ENDPIECE: My Canine Co-Counselor. By Marty Nemko

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From This Issue

Wellness: Health Care

Titer Testing An alternative to annual "jabs" By Mardi Richmond
Saying Good-Bye Palliative and hospice care making strides By Katherine Goldberg
Is It Time? An examination of coming to terms with our worst fears By Suzanne Roberts
Power of Canine Determination Back from the Brink By Nick Trout

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Egg Calcium Home-Cooking Tip By The Bark

Wellness: Healthy Living

Nail Trimming Tips By The Bark
Looking for Dr Right Searching for the ideal vet By John Woestendiek

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Is Your Dog a Southpaw? Links between canine lateralization, behavior and emotion By Karen B. London
Q&A with Denise Fenzi Dog trainer Denise Fenzi talks about methods and perceptions with By Julia Kamysz Lane

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Indoor Athletics For Your Dog Trick training in small places By Sassafras Lowrey

Culture: Stories & Lit

My Canine Co-Counselor One lick at a time, a reformed Terrier helps the unemployed find reassurance. By Marty Nemko
The Great Unwashed Poem By Paul Willis
This Hound Poem By Moira Magneson
Canis Mythicus A creation story that makes sense By Terry Davis

Culture: Reviews

Puppy Mill Survivors A new book celebrates extraordinary dogs By The Bark
How to Foster Dogs By Claudia Kawczynska
Dog Sports Skills, Book 1 Developing Engagement & Relationship By Julia Kamysz Lane
The Good Boy Minotaur Books By Susan Tasaki

Culture: DogPatch

Q&A with Theresa Schwegel Author of The Good Boy By Susan Tasaki
Textile Sculptures British crafter Donya Coward’s beaded, lacey creations. By The Bark
Overheard: Authors on dogs Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Gilbert, J.K. Rowling, Sue Monk Kidd By The Bark

Culture: Science & History

Myths: Loyalty Rewarded Ancient Sanskrit Myth By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog's Life: Travel

Himalayas on Four Paws Dogtrekking through the Indian Garhwal By Przemek Bucharowski, Agata Wlodarczyk
The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel On the road with Kelly E. Carter and Lucy By The Bark

Dog's Life: DIY

Knit Your Own Zoo Knitting Wolves [Pattern] By The Bark
Felt Dogs Make your own mini pack of pups By The Bark

Dog's Life: Humane

Animal-Kind International Act Locally and Globally By Karen Menczer
Bringing Calming Music to Shelter Dogs Tuned In By Lee Harrington
Sanctuary Trend in Sheltering Our Companions Animal Rescue By Twig Mowatt

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Springtime Checklist Spring is a good time to take stock, sort out and get ready for the months ahead! By Susan Tasaki
Gone But Never Forgotten Ways to honor your pup's memory. By Zoe Conrad
Taking Rescue to the Next Level David Backes, NHL star launches Athletes for Animals By Trent Reinsmith
What’s New: Products With many new products on the store shelves, these caught our eye. By The Bark

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Bodie Is it possible for a dog to help in a recovery? By Melissa Fay Greene