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Issue 75: Fall 2013
Our 75th issue! Satos, Travel and Homemade Kibble
The Bark Magazine - Issue 75 (FALL 2013)

Welcome to our 75th issue. The importance of adoption has long been a critical aspect of our agenda, and in this issue, we showcase innovative sheltering programs. We first covered the plight of satos, stray dogs of Puerto Rico, 10 years ago, and it’s encouraging to learn that progress is being made by groups like Pets Alive Puerto Rico. John Woestendiek examines college programs that reward students for fostering dogs and cats in their dorm rooms, and David Grimm takes us a on a visit to a unique Louisiana prison-shelter program.  Elaine Sichel, prizewinner in our humor-writing contest, also perfectly complements this theme; in a lighthearted way, she makes it clear that we’re the winners when we adopt shelter dogs. Jennifer Senski, who is doing her PhD dissertation on the state of sheltering, puts out a call to the shelter community for assistance with data collection.

On other fronts, in “Body Language,” Jane Brackman considers the ways dated and misapplied definitions have been used to set breed standards, and Karen London tells us why it’s important that dogs learn to focus. Plus we discover that autumn is the perfect time to visit Minnesota’s scenic Highway 61, with a drive along Lake Superior. Pieces on the value of probiotics, a recipe for homemade kibble, a home-visiting vet and the ways dog “germs” make our homes healthier round out the issue. We also have some great book picks that will help us learn more about how smart our dogs truly can be—and a new collection from our favorite poet, Mary Oliver. Without further ado, then, I invite you to subscribe to The Bark or get your copy of the fall issue, dig in and enjoy the reading.

Porch Dogs: Photographs celebrating Southern Dogs. By Nell Dickerson
Animals Among the Inmates: A prison shelter program. By David Grimm
The Gut: The Key to Health. By W. Jean Dodds, DVM
Dogs as Kids: New research redefines parenting. By Karen London, PhD
Fostering Good Habits in College: Schools welcoming second chance dogs. By John Woestendiek
Body Language: Breed standards and the words that define them. By Jane Brackman, PhD
Best Boy: An essay about a lost and found dog. By Carrie Friedman
EndPiece: Letter to an Adoptable Dog. By Elaine Sichel

Editor’s Letter
Readers’ Letters
Guest Editorial: State of Sheltering
Fetching Germs
Dog-Friendly Philly & WoofFest, Medieval Origins
Trend Spotting; Postcard from Montreal
Alex Colville
Smiling Dogs
New Products: The Harvest Is In
Fair Trade Signs By Genevieve Rajewski

It’s a Dog’s Life
Recipe: Homemade Kibble By Henrietta Morrison
Your Photos: Family Dog By Allison V. Smith
DIY: Mobile Doghouse By Michael Blunt
Grooming: Tips on Self-Serve Dog Washing By Robyn Michaels
On View: Bill Traylor folk artist extraordinaire By Cameron Woo
Wellness: Canine Yoga By Sassafrass Lowrey
Travel: Minnesota’s Fall Colors By Claudia Kawczynska
Second Opinion: Seniors and their dogs By Nick Trout, DVM
Behavior: Attention, Please! By Karen London, PhD

Humane: Hope for Puerto Rico’s Strays Pets Alive By Sarah Gold

Q&A: Jeffrey Levy, DVM NYC’s Vet On the Go By Lee Harrington
Masterwork: Gertrude Käsebier Charging Thunder and his dog By Susan Tasaki
Book reviews: Chaser by John Pilley; How Dogs Love Us by Gregory Berns; What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren; Dog Songs by Mary Oliver; Ask Bob by Peter Gethers; Short Leash by Janice Gary; Following Atticus by Tom Ryan; Weekends with Daisy by Sharon Luttrell; Dogtripping by David Rosenfelt; All that Ails You by Mark Asher

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From This Issue

Wellness: Recipes

Homemade Kibble (In just an hour!) By Henrietta Morrison

Wellness: Healthy Living

GI Involvement in Behaviorial Issues Some Compulsive Disorders Point to the Gut By Chloe Conrad
Dog Washing Tips Best practices for self-serve dog washes. By Robyn Michaels
Fetching Germs By Claudia Kawczynska
Seniors Dogs & Humans Companionship Through the Ages By Nick Trout

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

The Gut: The Key to Health Find the proper balance in the intestinal tract. By W. Jean Dodds

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Canine Yoga Downward dog, anyone? By Sassafrass Lowrey

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Behavior Matters: Attention, Please! Attentiveness matters for safety and convenience. By Karen B. London

Culture: Reviews

What's New: It's Harvest Time Goats Milk, Tea, Chia, and Kelp By Claudia Kawczynska
Book Review: Chaser Exploring Smart Dogs By Claudia Kawczynska
Dog Songs Lyrical Poetry By Lee Harrington
Book Review: What The Dog Knows Exploring Smart Dogs By Claudia Kawczynska
Book Review: How Dogs Love Us Exploring Smart Dogs By Claudia Kawczynska
Book Review: Ask Bob Published by Henry Holt By Susan Tasaki
Book Review: Short Leash Published by Michigan State U Press By Susan Tasaki
Book Review: Following Atticus Published by William Morrow By Susan Tasaki
Book Review: Weekends with Daisy Published by Gallery Books/S&S By Susan Tasaki
Book Review: Dogtripping Published by St. Martins By Susan Tasaki
Book Review: All that Ails You Published by CreateSpace By Susan Tasaki

Culture: Stories & Lit

Letter to an Adoptable Dog By Elaine Sichel
Time Flies Editor’s Letter By Claudia Kawczynska
Best Boy An essay reminds us: Don’t ever leave (the gate open). By Carrie Friedman

Culture: DogPatch

Fair Trade Signs Reviving a Nepalese folk-art tradition By Genevieve Rajewski
On View: Bill Traylor, Folk Artist An exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum. By Cameron Woo
Profile of Jeffrey Levy, DVM Manhattan’s Vet On the Go. By Lee Harrington
Masterwork: Gertrude Käsebier Classic portrait of Charging Thunder and his dog. By Susan Tasaki

Culture: Science & History

Body Language Breeders, judges and historians talk about breed standards—why they work and when they don’t By Jane Brackman

Dog's Life: DIY

The Bark’s DIY First Place Winner—Advanced Level Shasta-Style Puppy Camper Playhouse By Michael Blunt

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Hope for Puerto Rico’s Strays Pets Alive works to provide sustainable solutions for Puerto Rico’s “satos” By Sarah Gold

Dog's Life: Humane

Fostering Good Habits in College Colleges are welcoming second chance dogs. By John Woestendiek
Animals Among the Inmates A Louisiana prison’s shelter/adoption program. By David Grimm

Dog's Life: Travel

Superior Autumn Revisiting Minnesota’s Highway 61. By Claudia Kawczynska