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Issue 74: Summer 2013


Earth Angels: Emelinda Narvaez By Catherine Johnson
Recipes: Picnic for the Pups By Natalya Zahn
Holistic Health: Allergies—Herbal Treatments By Tom Schell, DVM
Humane Watch: Miami’s Pet Safe aims to save animals By Elinor J. Brecher

Wellness: Hydrotherapy: A popular rehab option By Alisa Advani
Behavior: How to handle trouble at dog parks. By Karen B. London, PhD
Media:  TV’s Wilfred Talks to Us
Ethics: International Misunderstandings By Jayme Moye
Health: Canine Orthodontics By Paula Maxwell
Science Talks: Village Dog Project a genetic search for the first dog
Adam Boyko in conversation with Jane Brackman
Author’s Nook: with Sue Halpern and Annik La Farge
Author’s Nook: with Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Review of Wilderness and Q&A with author, Lance Weller by Katherine Griffin
Book reviews round-up: The Possibility Dogs; The Soul of All Living Creatures; E. B. White on Dogs; A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home; Mr. and Mrs. Dog; A Million Years with You; Hounded; The Secret Life of Dog Catchers; Reaching the Animal Mind; Train Your Dog Positively; You Tell Your Dog First; The Secret of Happy Ever; Frankenstein’s Cat; A Dog Named Boo.





From This Issue

Wellness: Recipes

Recipes: Picnic for Pups Yummy Picnic Recipes By Natalya Zahn

Wellness: Healthy Living

Fight Back Against Environmental Allergies Is there something more we can do to help our pups? By Tom Schell
Hydrotherapy: Dog Walk in Water A fast-growing rehabilitation option By Alisa Advani

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Dog Food Watch: Recalls What’s gotten into food safety? By Claudia Kawczynska

Wellness: Health Care

Canine Orthodontics Orthodontics—braces—are actually the most gentle way of dealing with a malocclusion. By Paula Maxwell

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Close Encounters in Dog Parks How to handle trouble at dog parks. By Karen B. London
Dog’s Personalitites Studies now suggest that personality in non-human animals can be measured and evaluated, just as in humans. By Julie Hecht

Culture: Stories & Lit

Dog Leading the Way Home Lessons for a service dog in training By Susannah Charleson
The Importance of the Gaze. Look at Me By Laurel Saville
A Dog's Life Darwin’s beloved Polly By Angela von der Lippe
A True Romance By Jane Vandenburgh
Ethics Lesson: Dogs in a Haitian Village Standing up for a dog in Haiti By Jayme Moye

Culture: Reviews

Book Review: The Possibility Dogs Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mr. and Mrs. Dog: Our Travels, Trials, Adventures, and Epiphanies Published by Univ. of Virginia Press By The Bark
Frankenstein’s Cat: Cuddling Up to Biotech’s Brave New Beasts Published by Scientific American/FSG By The Bark
Book Review: Wilderness Published by Bloomsbury By Katherine Griffin
E. B. White on Dogs Published by Tilbury House, Publishers By The Bark
The Soul of All Living Creatures What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Human, Published by Crown By The Bark
You Tell Your Dog First Published by Berkley Trade
Train Your Dog Positively Published by Ten Speed Press By The Bark
Reaching the Animal Mind Published by Sunshine Books By The Bark
Review: Hounded Published by Center Street By The Bark
Review: A Dog Named Boo Published by Harlequin
Review: The Secret Life of Dog Catchers Published by CreateSpace By The Bark
A Million Years with You: A Memoir of Life Observed Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt By The Bark

Culture: Science & History

Scientists Searching for Clues to The First Dog Village dogs’ genetic code may hold clues to canine evolution and health By Jane Brackman

Culture: DogPatch

Newborn Puppies By Traer Scott
Interview Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Dogdom's Grande Dame By Claudia Kawczynska
The Dog Matchmaker By Susan Tasaki
Master Paintings of James Tissot Celebrating the elegant life … with dogs. By Nancy Rose Marshall
Interview with Sue Halpern Author of A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home By Annik La Farge
Q&A with Wilfred TV’s baddest dog gets philosophical
Q&A with author of Wilderness In Conversation: Lance Weller and Katherine Griffin By Katherine Griffin

Dog's Life: Humane

Earth Angels NYC: Dog Rescue People Who Matter: Emelinda Narvaez, founder of NYC’s Earth Angels By Catherine Johnson
Running the Numbers Guest Editorial By Tom Cushing, Sierra Cushing
Pets Trust: Miami Parternships A partnership aims to save animals By Elinor J. Brecher
Shop & Adopt Bark n’ Bitches: LA’s First Humane Pet Shop By Mary Helen Berg

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Meet the Store Dogs Nashville’s finest bookstore has new workers. By Ann Patchett