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Issue 73: Spring 2013


Spring 2013: Issue 73

We kick off 2013 by putting the lid on winter and leaping into spring with zest. Julie Hecht helps us understand what all that barking is about; behaviorist Karen London explains why dogs have a fondness for novelty; and Rebecca Wallick talks with Ted Kerasote about his new book in which he gives his prescription for longer-lived dogs. While we’re in agreement with much of what he says, we do take exception to a few of his positions, particularly his stance on spay/neuter. But debate is good, right? John Woestendiek investigates the merging of human and veterinary medicine and the benefits that accrue to both species. In our TechoDog survey we also look at the intersections between dogs and technology; as one amazing example, Emily Anthes interviews an orthopedic vet who creates prosthetic limbs. Plus, another episode of Lee Harrington’s “Chloe Chronicles,” in which Chloe has a marrowbone mishap; and Twig Mowatt reveals how forward-thinking shelters are making adoptions more accessible. In this era of climate change, we look at preparing for the next natural disaster. Then Jayme Moye introduces us to great organization, Animal Experience International that is dedicated to providing volunteer opportunities around the globe.

The Endpiece from none other than E.B. White, author of the classic Charlotte’s Web, is our valentine to you. In this timeless essay, which White wrote during WWII, he talks about his vegetable garden, urban chicken-raising and his irrepressible dog, all topics that are once again in vogue (though dogs have never gone out, thank goodness). All that plus a delectable granola treat recipe, an essential oils primer and a new gallery of smiling dogs. Hope you enjoy it all.

Dog Speak By Julie Hecht
Bionic Limbs By Emily Anthes
TechnoDog A survey of milestones and innovations.
Species-Spanning Medicine By John Woestendiek
POEM: Rosie Speaks By Maxine Kumin
Can Dogs Live Longer? In conversation with Ted Kerasote and Rebecca Wallick
Only a Dog By Donald McCaig
Chloe Chronicles: A marrow bone mishap. By Lee Harrington
Endpiece: A Week in November, (1942) By E. B. White




From This Issue

News: Editors

Terms of Endearment Editor’s Letter By Claudia Kawczynska

Wellness: Healthy Living

Preparing for Natural Disasters Lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy By JoAnna Lou
Species-Spanning Medicine When it comes to remedying diseases and disorders, dogs and people are in it together By John Woestendiek
Essential Oils and Dogs Sniff Test By Lisa M. Browder
Hospice Care Hospice care eases the way By Shea Cox

Wellness: Health Care

Second Opinion: Degenerative Myelopathy A Vet’s Perspective By Nick Trout
Dental Care Tips for Dogs Brush Up! By The Bark
Bionic Limbs Q&A with Denis Marcellin-Little, DEDV By Emily Anthes
Swabbing the Dog By Susan Tasaki

Wellness: Recipes

Granola Peanut-Butter Crunchies Treats that pack a punch By Claudia Kawczynska

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Dogs Take to the New Stay Loose: Dogs’ impressive ability to cope with novelty By Karen B. London
Dog Speak: The Sounds of Dogs More than just noise By Julie Hecht

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Step into Spring Fitness Resolutions By The Bark

Culture: DogPatch

The Future of Dogs Q&A with Ted Kerasote, author of Merle’s Door By Rebecca Wallick
Crikey! British Invasion Redux By Claudia Kawczynska
The New Trust Family Dog: Touring band’s pups. By Sarah Sanger
Urban Animal Smiling in Seattle By Lisa Wogan
Song Book: Amy White Grammy award–winning musician talks "The Best Dog". By The Bark
Song Book: Patti Smith Her latest album Banga By The Bark
My Met The Metropolitan Museum invites you to collect and connect By The Bark
SpaGo Dog Mobile Grooming Q&A with Miki Chan of SpaGo Dog By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: Reviews

Sink or Swim Custom Sneakers Happy Feet By The Bark
Book Review: The Last Walk Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives By Susan Tasaki
Review: A Nose for Fun Nosework By Helene F. Rubinstein
Book Review: Animal Wise The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures By Claudia Kawczynska
Book Review: The Truth About Wolves and Dogs Dispelling the Myths of Dog Training By Marc Bekoff
Book Review: The Genius of Dogs How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think By Karen B. London
Book Review: Pukka's Promise Science and storytelling make compelling reading By Rebecca Wallick

Culture: Stories & Lit

Chloe Chronicles IX: Resolutions Chloe has an encounter with a marrowbone, Lee expands her tool chest. By Lee Harrington
Only a Dog Examination of the enduring bonds. By Donald McCaig

Dog's Life: Humane

International Outreach Vacations Transformed by volunteering, Nora Livingstone helps others do the same By Jayme Moye
No Name Dogs Helping “rez” dogs By The Bark
Innovative Sheltering Mall Adoptions: Shelters expand into retail locations By Twig Mowatt

Dog's Life: Travel

Destinations: Aspen, Yosemite, North Vermont ’Tween-Season By The Bark

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Techno Dogs A survey of milestones and innovations. By The Bark
Swarm Home Delights Paintings meet furniture By Susan Tasaki