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Issue 70: Jun/Jul/Aug 2012


It’s a Dog’s Life
Destinations Dog-Friendly Oregon Coast. By Katherina Audley
Second Opinion: Joint Decisions. By Nick Trout, DVM
Training Door Darters: Tips on dealing with dashing dogs. By Pat Miller
Recipes: Chicken Jerky & Sweet Potato Chews
Nail Trimming Tips. By Nancy Kay, DVM
Great Ideas: Dallas Shelter Photo Studio
Grooming Ideas on a well-groomed dog. Q&A with Robyn Michaels
Activity: Paddleboarding with Dogs on board. By Jayme Moye
Crafts: Whittling pocket-sized dogs. By Cameron Woo
Author Nook Talking with Lily Raff McCaulou. By Claudia Kawczynska
International: Postcard from The Dominican Republic. By Ann Marie Gardner
Book Reviews: Summer Reads; The Canine Kingdom of Scent; Empire of Dogs; One Dog and His Boy

The Joys of Silence
Mayan Collars; Animal Bond Museum; Co-Pilot Kayak
Hose Warning; Edith Wharton’s 150th; Skateboard
Sleepovers; Spectacles Gives Back
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner: Cool Designs
Me & My Dog: Readers’ Pix





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Claudia Kawcynska & Charlie the dog
Claudia Kawczynska
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From This Issue

Magazine: 2012

Dogs Are Definitely Welcome Editor’s Letter By Claudia Kawczynska

Wellness: Healthy Living

Trimming Nails To trim or not to trim — that is the question By Nancy Kay
Looking Good: Tips for a well-groomed dog We talk to groomer extraordinaire Robyn Michaels By Susan Tasaki
Should you buy pet insurance? Risk Management By Rebecca Wallick

Wellness: Health Care

Joint Relief Second Opinion By Nick Trout

Wellness: Recipes

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Door Darting How to deal with dashing dogs By Pat Miller
Big dogs, Small dogs Does size affect behavior? By Karen B. London
H*MPING Why do they do it? By Julie Hecht

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

SUP with Dogs Dog on Board By Jayme Moye
Backpacking with Dogs Into the Wild By Ceiridwen Terrill

Culture: Stories & Lit

Fisherdog By Lily Raff McCaulou
The Chloe Chronicles Part VI Getting the Dog You Need By Lee Harrington
Waking up from my Dream Dog Sometimes, what you get is better than what you wished for By Laurel Saville

Culture: Reviews

Book Review: The Canine Kingdom of Scent Dogwise Publishing By Sandra Mannion

Culture: DogPatch

Q&A with Lily Raff McCaulou Author of The Call of the Mild By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: The Daily Show

The Dogs of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Take this job and love it By Claudia Kawczynska
Meet the Dogs of The Daily Show By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Shopping: Well-Designed Dog Products Scouting out the wild world of pet products By Kathleen St. John

Dog's Life: Travel

Dog-Friendly Travel Along Oregon Coast Have Dog, Will Travel By Katherina Audley