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Issue 69: Mar/Apr/May 2012


[Destinations] Dog-friendly beaches of San Francisco’s Presidio.
[Recipes] Toppings liven up dog dining. By Elizabeth Kennedy
[Second Opinion] Treating chronic pain in dogs. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Dogs at Work] Dutchess, the disabled therapy dog, inspires many. By Karen Jones
[Good Dog] Behavior Matters: Rethinking prey drive. By Karen London, PhD
[Media] Darling Companion filmmakers Lawrence and Meg Kasdan. By Jan Wahl
[Activities] Trick training provides key mental stimulation. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Pro Tips] Photographer’s tips for great canine candids. By Sarah Sypniewski
[Therapy] Military therapy dogs give solace to soldiers. By Melanie D.G. Kaplan
[Travel] Advice for dog-friendly adventures. By Lisa Wogan
[Art] Robert Clarke Dog Portraits A–Z
[Book Reviews] Stay with Me; Sergeant Rex; Your Dog’s Best Health; Dog InSight
[EndPiece] Lucky and Frenchy. By Marianne Leone

Finding Charlie: Bark’s new dog
DIY Silhouettes
Home Works: Daily Life Clock
Spring Cleaning Tips
Smiling Dogs
Dexterity Puzzles




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From This Issue

Wellness: Recipes

From Scratch: Yogurt Making Probiotic for you and your dog By Claudia Kawczynska

Wellness: Health Care

Holistic Approach to Cancer in Dogs Healing maladies holistically. By Donna Kelleher
Pain Relief for Dogs Treating chronic pain in dogs. By Nick Trout

Wellness: Nutrition Primer

Toppings An extra dose of delicious By Elizabeth Kennedy

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Trick Training Promoting mental stimulation By Julia Kamysz Lane

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Dog Training: Operant Conditioning When operant conditioning clicked (and clucked) By Sophia Yin
Dog Smart: Exploring the Canine Mind Researchers exploring the canine point of view By Julie Hecht
Q&A with Mark Derr about Dog Origins Venturing deep into the history of our oldest friends By Claudia Kawczynska

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Prey Drive: Fact or Fiction? Correct terminology or jargon? By Karen B. London

Culture: Stories & Lit

Stay with Me Extended Q&A Bark talks with author Paul Griffin By The Bark
Chloe Chronicles V Part V: Springer Has Sprung By Lee Harrington

Culture: DogPatch

Masterwork: Alex Katz By Cameron Woo
The Art of Robert Clarke By Cameron Woo
Dexterity Puzzles with Dogs Diversions of Yesteryear By Barbara Levine
Finding Charlie A stray joins The Bark’s family By Claudia Kawczynska
Daily Life Clock Home Works: Best picks of domestic design By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: Reviews

Dog InSight Review Dogwise Publishing By Jen Hendrickson
Tame Dogs and Wild Youth The bold strokes of today’s young-adult lit By Elizabeth Kennedy
Found by a Lost Dog The creators of the new movie Darling Companion have an eye and ear for real-life drama. By Jan Wahl

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

The Pack Is Back [Updated] Plus, readers write about their multi-dog households By Claudia Kawczynska
Eco-gear for Earth-loving dogs Kit's Corner By The Bark
Dog Walking Services Three companies to watch By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Green

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning From our readers

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Dogs Bring Relief to Soldiers Operation Stress Control By Melanie D.G. Kaplan
Therapy Dog Overcomes a Disability One courageous therapy dog inspires many. By Karen Jones

Dog's Life: Humane

Dog Rescue: Indigo Oregon’s Indigo Rescue thinks big By Lisa Wogan
Ending Animal Abuse: Community Outreach in Chicago Community outreach helps turn the tide By Jennifer Martin

Dog's Life: DIY

DIY Silhouettes Make a silhouette in six easy steps By Kathryn Flocken
Dog Photography: Aim to Please Tips for photographing your dog By Sarah Sypniewski

Dog's Life: Travel

Destinations: San Francisco’s Presidio Dog-friendly beaches and heavenly hikes. By The Bark
On the Road Again Travel tips and tricks By Lisa Wogan