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Issue 67: Nov/Dec 2011

Meet Buckeye! This delightful Llewellin Setter pup is Bark’s newest cover dog—gracing our newest Nov/Dec issue. Initially, an entry to our smiling dog contest, we fell in love with his sweet face and distinctive black-ringed eye, we think you will too. See more photos of Buckeye and hear his tale of triumph.

Here’s what else the issue has in store for you: choice ideas on ways kids and dogs can spend enriching time together, tips on making sure the baby and the dog’s toy boxes remain separate, behaviorists Karen London interviews a trainer about his work with dogs with high “toy drive” and Patricia McConnell gives us an account of the lessons she has learned from sheepdogs.

Who doesn’t wish for a home away from home when on a vacation? We dig into the newest dog-friendly house-sharing ideas, which may inspire you to pack your bags. We turn the spotlight on an innovative approach to rescue with a story about Unleash Brooklyn, a day care and boarding facility that opens its doors to shelter dogs as well as those with families. And be sure to catch ASPCA president Ed Sayres’ response to a New Yorker article that seems to excuse buying pet-shop dogs. Plus, some wonderful essays—Jeffrey Essmann’s “coming of dog age” piece on Pug love, and an unforgettable love “letter” from Emily Rapp.

We can’t wait to share our latest issue, so enjoy these exclusive previews!

A Nose For Nature: Dogs help wildlife wardens do their job. By Sheila Pell
Under One Roof: Brooklyn day care does double duty as a dog rescue center.
By Kristi Cameron
The Art of Letterpress: Old-school technology, cutting-edge design. By Cameron Woo

Duke: Every child needs a dog. By Bill Henderson
Drawn to Dogs: The awakening of Pug love. By Jeffrey Essmann
Kindred Spirits: Life in the here and now. By Emily Rapp

Chloe Chronicles III: Finding a Name. By Lee Harrington
Dogless in the Desert: Leaving behind a cherished gift. By Jayme Moye

Endpiece: Call of the Wild. By Melissa Holbrook Pierson


[Training] Five Essentials. By Victoria Stilwell
[Health] Learning about MDR1 genes. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Profile] Toy Drive with Mark Hines. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Behavior] Lessons gleaned from sheepdogs. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Kids & Dogs] Activities for the younger set. By Michael J. Rosen
[Travel] Home Stays and Trading Places. By Lisa Wogan
[Training] Save the Baby’s Stuffies! By Elizabeth Kennedy

[Gallery] Chewed: Scenes from the front lines of the toy wars.
[Author’s Nook] Yannick Murphy interviewed by Claudia Kawczynska
[Book Reviews] The Call, The Dog, Unsaid, How the Dog Became the Dog, All My Dogs, In a Dog’s Heart, Sammy in the Sky

Shelter Puppies; Bad Wrap
Big Number; Mascots—Go Dawgs!
New Movies—Year of the Dog
Pixel Pup Snowy
Home Works
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner, In his own words: Keith Richards; Stumbled upon: Dr. Lee Berger.
Show & Tell

Plus MORE web exclusives!


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From This Issue

Magazine: Web Exclusives

Web Exclusives: Nov/Dec 2011 Expand your horizons here. By The Bark

Magazine: 2011

Meet Buckeye Cover Dog: Nov/Dec 2011 By The Bark

Wellness: Health Care

Learning Curve Second Opinion By Nick Trout

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Lessons from Sheepdogs The source of a lifetime of learning By Patricia McConnell
Will Work for Toys Kong's Mark Hines on toys and training

Culture: Reviews

In a Dog’s Heart Book Review By Claudia Kawczynska
Sammy in the Sky Review By Claudia Kawczynska
What Redeems Us Three books honor the human-animal bond By Elizabeth Kennedy

Culture: DogPatch

Tintin and Snowy Snowy, a digital Wire Fox Terrier, stars in the animated feature The Adventures of Tintin By Barbara Robertson
Bad Wrap Resist the puppy surprise By Lisa Wogan

Culture: Stories & Lit

Kindred Spirits Life in the Here and Now By Emily Rapp
Dognapper in the Desert By Jayme Moye
Drawn to Dogs By Jeffrey Essmann
Duke of Smith's Pond Adventures with a Childhood Companion By Bill Henderson

Culture: Readers Write

Call of the Wild By Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Best picks of domestic design Home Works: Smart Solutions By The Bark
Printing as Art & Craft By Cameron Woo
Quality Time Activities that kids and dogs can share By Michael J. Rosen
Under One Roof Dogs come together in a new model for dog rescue and care By Kristi Cameron

Dog's Life: Travel

Home Sit, Stay or Swap The offbeat, budget-smart frontier of dog-friendly travel By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

A Nose for Nature Dogs help game wardens work By Sheila Pell

Dog's Life: Humane