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Issue 65: Jun/Aug 2011


Nature-Deficit Disorder
Kit’s Corner: cool goods
Show + Tell; Me & My Dog
Gluten-free Snacks
Home Works: Cabin Fever
Smiling Dogs
Masterwork: Henri Matisse & Gertrude Stein

PLUS more Web Exclusives!




From This Issue

Magazine: Web Exclusives

Wellness: Recipes

Recipes for Dogs: Gluten-Free Amaranth Waffles Tasty Snacks for Your Dog By Martina Schops
Recipes for Dogs: Allergen-Free Dog Treats More Recipes from "Dog Cookies" By The Bark

Wellness: Health Care

Oncept delivers cancer-fighting DNA A vet’s perspective By Nick Trout

Wellness: Healthy Living

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Recipe for a Great Canine Running Partner The ABCs for your first runs together By Sophia Yin

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Why Elite Runners Make Great Dog Trainers Going the distance By Karen B. London
How to Train a Dog with Car Crate Anxiety Don't leave me! By Victoria Stilwell
Is Your Dog’s Rough Play Appropriate? Some like it ruff By Barbara Smuts, Camille Ward

Culture: DogPatch

Q&A with Dog Sense Author John Bradshaw Making sense of dogs By Claudia Kawczynska
Treat Your Nature-Deficit Disorder with Your Dog Inhaling Vitamin N By Claudia Kawczynska
Home Works: Cabin Fever We’ve got the goods … By The Bark
Beginners film leads star to adoption How actor Ewan McGregor found his co-pilot dog By The Bark
Beginners' Animal Trainer Extraordinaire Coaxing a Great Film Performance from Dogs By The Bark
On the Road with Elvis The video adventure of a smiling French Bulldog. By The Bark

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

On Losing a Veterinarian When the one who’s always there suddenly isn’t By Annik La Farge
Lost Dogs: How to Get Them Back Important lessons from a decade of missing pet recovery By Lisa Wogan

Culture: Reviews

Kit's Corner: On The Go Dicky Bag, Poopy Packs and Shortomatic Custom Board Shorts By The Bark
Dog Inc.: The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend Avery Publishing, 320 pp., 2010; $26.00 By Lauren Davis

Culture: Stories & Lit

When a Dog Adoption Doesn't Work Out Sometimes, love isn’t enough By Elizabeth Mehren
How I Found My Dog: Tarnish A dog adopts a family, receives her name and claims her chair By John L. Shepherd

Dog's Life: Travel

The Dogs of Inisheer When Irish dogs are smiling By Maureen Donnellon
Dog-Friendly Lodges Summer Adventure Planner By The Bark

Dog's Life: Humane

Pit Bull Bans and Other Issues Facing Ontario’s Shelters Guest Editorial: Views from the humane world By Kevin Strooband
How to Raise Humane Dog Food Meeting the needs of food and companion animals alike By Steve Smith

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs