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Issue 62: Nov/Dec 2010





From This Issue

Magazine: 2010

Cover Dog: Riley Nov/Dec 2010 By Lisa Wogan

Magazine: Web Exclusives

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Wellness: Health Care

Should a Dog Get a Gastropexy to Prevent Bloat? A Vet's Perspective By Nick Trout

Wellness: Recipes

Dog Food Recipes: Low-Cost Homemade Treats Making dog treats from leftovers By Rayanne Chamberlain

Good Dog: Studies & Research

Trait Relationships and Genetics in Dogs Mapping the genetic relationships between physical traits in purebred dogs By Jane Brackman

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Talking Training: Scent Marking at Home You have questions, she has answers By Victoria Stilwell
How to Become a Dog Trainer Following your passion into a profession By Kay Elliott

Culture: Stories & Lit

My Dog Tried to Pee on Baby Jesus The Visit By Tammy Tanner
Small Change Size matters — or does it? By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris
Seven Dogs By Andrea Cohen

Culture: Reviews

Last Dog on the Hill: The Extraordinary Life of Lou St. Martin’s Press; $24.99 By Kay Elliott

Culture: DogPatch

Q&A with Sara Paretsky The mystery writer talks fictional and real-life rescue dogs.
5 Things Your Shelter Needs Giving Effect By Lisa Wogan
The Mirror Method One of the trainers behind Hungary’s viral dog videos, explains how they did it By Lisa Wogan

Dog's Life: DIY

Papier-Mâché Dogs A fun project for the whole family. By Paul Boddum
Craft a Pebble Dog! Lovable companions crafted from pebbles and paper.

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Avalanche Rescue Dogs Powder Hounds By Alf Alderson
Learning to let go of a guide dog in training Guiding Miss Ellie By Ellen Kaye

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Caring for Your Pets in Hard Times Even in hard times, pets and people provide for one another By Katherine S. O’Donnell
Dog Mud Room Know-How Mud management — watch those paws! By Tom McNulty

Dog's Life: Humane

Do Wolfdogs Make Good Pets? By Martha Schindler Connors