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Issue 52: Jan/Feb 2009


Happy 2009! To celebrate the new year, we look at what it takes to make a guide dog (including raising those precious puppies); delve into the background of a long-lived civil rights anthem inspired by playful pooches; peek into songbird Emmylou Harris’s Nashville rescue operation; and get a little history lesson on the rise of the modern-day humane movement in America. Toss in dog-centric art, behind the scenes at the hot new movie Hotel for Dogs, fair-share strategies for successfully resolving the “who gets the dog” dilemma, user-friendly safety reminders, indoor activities, good advice from our columnists and some touching (and funny) essays, and you have an issue that we think is both entertaining and thought-provoking … in short, a perfect way to start the year.

Speaking of starting the year... Lola, this issue's cover dog, is one of the 6.5 million dogs who have found their forever homes thanks to Petfinder.com (our editor-in-chief saw her online and it was love at first sight). So if you're thinking of adding the patter of four furry feet to your home in the upcoming months but don't know where to start, Petfinder.com can help.



Bonaparte’s RetreatEmmylou Harris’s haven for homeless dogs. By Bill DeMain
Dog DogPlayful pooches inspire a civil rights anthem. By Evelyn C. White
The Making of a Guide DogFrom puppy to partner, guide dogs are a special breed. By Jane Brackman
Puppy Raisers WantedVolunteers teach young dogs new tricks. By Rikke Jorgensen
Compassion in ActionThe beginnings of the American humane movement. By Kathryn Shevelow

Mary’s Last Rescue—Mary Warner’s battle to end dognapping. By Karin Winegar
Rex: The Story EndsFarewell to a much-loved friend. By Lee Harrington
Pet Smarts—The verdict is in: The dog did it! By Sandra E. Lamb
Professor BurtLessons in motherhood from a Golden Retriever. By Catherine Boalch

[Safety] Making Do—A snow rescue, the hard way. By Jill Haunold
[Activity/DIY] Living Room Agility—Pep up the pup indoors. By Christina Sondermann
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Not all communication is verbal. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Home] Toxic Dust Devils—A few sticky points about house dust and dogs. By Susan McGrath
[Photo Essay] America at Home—Domestic moments, plus dogs.
[Film] Who Let the Dogs In?—Behind the scenes at Hotel for Dogs. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Relationships] Fair Share—A modern-love dilemma: navigating joint custody. By Amelia Glynn
[Art] Lost & Found—Robb Putnam talks about his misfit mutts. By Cameron Woo
[Masterworks] An International Trio—Works by Utagawa, Ansdell and Clairin. By Tamsin Pickeral
[Training] By the Numbers—New games to play with your dog. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Vet Advice] Nutraceutical News—When it comes to supplements, check with your vet. By Donna M. Raditic, DVM, CVA
[Reviews] Play Together, Stay Together; Play with Your Dog; Shelter; Nose Down, Eyes Up; The Dog Trainer’s Resource 2; A Friend Like Henry; Paws to Protect; Indognito; Breakfast at Sally’s




From This Issue

Magazine: 2009

Cover Dog: Lola Jan/Feb 2009 By The Bark

Wellness: Health Care

Natural Health Supplements and Your Dog “Natural” is not harmless—talk to your vet when considering supplements for your pup By Donna M. Raditic

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Five Running Games to Play with Your Dog Dog Play By Karen B. London

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Agility Training Exercises Your Dog Can Do Indoors Pep up the pup during dark winter days By Christina Sondermann

Culture: Reviews

Play with Your Dog Dogwise Publishing, 149 pp., 2008; $14.95 By Jo Haraf
Nose Down, Eyes Up Villard, 320 pp., 2008; $24 By Lisa Wogan
Rex The story ends By Lee Harrington

Culture: DogPatch

Puppy Bowl V A new team takes the field. By Susan Strempek Shea

Culture: Stories & Lit

Pet Smarts The verdict is in—the dog did it! By Sandra E. Lamb
Dogs I Have Known By Daniel Wallace
Professor Burt What my dog taught me about being a mom By Catherine Boalch

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

The Dog Song Watch the video, read the story behind this joyful civil rights anthem By Evelyn C. White
Notable Reads By The Bark
Fair Share A modern-love dilemma—navigating joint custody of the pup. By Amelia Glynn

Dog's Life: Humane

Compassion in Action The roots and shoots of the American humane movement By Kathryn Shevelow
Emmylou Harris Singer helps Nashville’s homeless dogs. By Bill DeMain

Dog's Life: Green

Household Pollutants and Dogs A few sticky points By Susan McGrath

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Puppy Raisers Wanted Volunteers teach young dogs new tricks By Rikke Jorgensen
The Making of a Guide Dog From puppy to partner, guide dogs are a special breed By Jane Brackman