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Issue 50: Sept/Oct 2008


With this September/October issue, Bark strikes gold! To celebrate hitting 50 (issues, that is), we set a lavish table, loaded delights for both the mind and the eye. In the triple-article feature “Genealogy,” we look at the ways DNA testing attempts to unscramble the genetic secrets of well-mixed pups. Dogs of the Mississippi Delta are also on tap, captured by renowned photographer Maude Schuyler Clay. The irrepressible Martha, star of Susan Meddaugh’s classic children’s stories, Martha Speaks, debuts on PBS, and we score an in-depth interview with the creators of the series. Well-versed vet Nancy Kay tells us how to speak up for our dogs, and just in time for Halloween, we show you how to sculpt a pup-kin or stitch up a costume for your pooch. From nutrition editors Nestle and Nesheim, we learn what words really mean when it comes to pet food; Patricia McConnell takes issue that comforting a fearful dog is a bad idea—it isn't; and Karen London reveals that play is serious business. There’s more! Animal blessings, 10 healthy ways to add variety to your dog’s mealtime, canine eye care, cover dog Porchie, a mother/daughter matching DVMs, new smilers, and a Dogpatch potpourri round out the issue. Enjoy!


Martha Speaks to Bark The children’s classic comes to PBS! Program creators share their insights. By Claudia Kawczynska
Dog-o-Lanterns Step-by-step instructions for sculpting a pup-perfect pumpkin. By Terri Hardin
Delta Dogs Maude Schuyler Clay’s artful Mississippi photographs. By Beth Ann Fennelly
Becoming Your Dog’s Advocate The 10 (tried and true) commandments of veterinary office visits. By Nancy Kay, DVM

[Science] What Kind of Dog Is That? Jane Brackman, PhD, unravels mutts’ rich genetic tapestry.
[Essay] The Well-Mixed Mutt Michael J. Rosen finds that dogs are more than the sum of their parts.
[Tests] Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo Amy Young decodes the DNA test market.




From This Issue

Magazine: 2008

Porchie: Cover Dog Sept/Oct 2008

News: Show & Tell

How I Found My Dog: The Right Dog for Me The list goes out the window when the perfect dog comes in the door By Joyce Freedman

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

10 Easy Pieces to Liven Up Your Dog’s Dinner Mealtime surprises from the grocery shelf By Roschelle Heuberger
Natural, Human Grade, Organic Dog Food: Really? An Organic Primer By Marion Nestle, Malden C. Nesheim

Wellness: Health Care

Ten Commandments of Veterinary Office Visits Become an advocate for your dog By Nancy Kay
Canine Eyes & Their Disorders Keys to preserving your dog’s vision By Shauna S. Roberts

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Reducing Fear in Your Dog A gentle hand or a tasty treat doesn’t reinforce fear, it reduces it By Patricia McConnell
Four Scientific Studies on Dogs and Play Having fun is serious business By Karen B. London

Culture: DogPatch

Musician’s Muse By Katie Martinez
Martha Speaks Now on PBS Q&A with the creators of the new series By Claudia Kawczynska
Mother-Daughter Vet Graduates Sharon Hunt Gerardo realizes her original dream By Rikke Jorgensen
Blessed Are the Animals A cathedral’s must-attend event—dogs are welcomed By Laurel Maury

Culture: Tributes

Homer By Rick Bass
Fortune’s Talker in memory of Roscoe, a black Labrador By Stephen Kuusisto

Culture: Stories & Lit

Scary Math What are the odds the past and the present will collide on a Manhattan street? By Kim Lemon

Culture: Reviews

See Spot Sit: 101 Illustrated Tips for Training the Dog You Love Skyhorse Publishing, 120 pp., 2008; $12.95 By Donald McCaig
Tell Me Where It Hurts Broadway, 304 pp., 2008; $22.95 By Patty Khuly
Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker Dogwise Publishing, 264 pp., 2008; $19.95 By Pat Miller
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Ecco, 576 pp., 2008; $25.95 By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: Science & History

DNA Testing Which DNA test should you choose to settle the “what’s in the mix” question? By Amy Young
Can DNA Decipher the Mix? Unraveling the genetic tapestry provides clues to breeds and their mixes By Jane Brackman
DNA & The Well-Mixed Mutt Dogs are more than the sum of their parts By Michael Rosen

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Prefab Dog House New look for traditional digs By Susan Tasaki
Foreclosed but Not Forgotten Groups help pets in need By Kay Elliott
Dog Law: Dogs and Disasters Going astray and finding solutions By Geordie Duckler
Battle of the Flying Fur The true renewable resource By Jeffrey Shaffer

Dog's Life: Humane

The Toby Project A committed vet tackles NYC’s pet overpopulation By Lee Harrington

Dog's Life: DIY

Creative Re-Use Tote on the cheap By Claudia Kawczynska

Dog's Life: Travel

Namesake: The White Dog Café A Philly legend with a national reputation By Kay Elliott


Dog-o-Lanterns How to sculpt a special Halloween pumpkin By Terri Hardin