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Issue 48: May/Jun 2008


[Crafts] Handy Tugger A homemade toy to enjoy. By Michael Spears
[Nutrition] The Future of Pet Food The view from inside Global Pet Expo. By Marion Nestle, PhD, and Malden Nesheim, PhD
[Working Dogs] Reigning Cats and Dogs Cheetah and Shepherd are roommates at the Cincinnati Zoo. By Amy Sutherland
[Vet School Profile] Colorado State University At this vet school, it’s all about teamwork. By Martha Schindler Connors
[Both Ends of the Leash] Rites of Passage Navigating the loss of a beloved dog. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Activism] Puppy Mill Scams Peddling their “products” via the Internet. By Roxanne Hawn
[People Who Matter] Latin American Activists in Colombia and Venezuela. By Diego Zerpa Chang
[Dog Law] Dogs in the Workplace By Geordie Duckler, JD, PhD
[Training] By the Numbers Five Signs of Fearful Aggression By Karen B. London, PhD
[Media] Lassie’s Timmy Jon Provost and his Collie co-star. By Rayne Wolfe
[Reviews] Puppy Chow Is Better than Prozac, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Positive Perspectives 2, Crate Games for Self-Control and Motivation (DVD), Perfect Paws in 5 Days (DVD)
[Endpiece] Part-Time Puppies By Nancy L. Claus

Shelter Dogs—Mutts’ Patrick McDonnell has a new book.
Pup Cakes—Have a people + dog party.
Cover Dog—Boog’s the sweetheart of the dog park.
Just One of the Girls—Honey’s a hit at NYC’s Lower Eastside Girls’ Club.
What’s New—Watering the dog.
Your Dog—Clancy Rito, Tucson, Ariz.
Bayou Blue—George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog.
Show & Tell—Readers’ favorites.
Smiling Dogs—All new smilers.
Career Change—Everything and the Dog’s Lydia Best.




From This Issue

Magazine: 2008

Boog: Cover Dog May/June 2008

Wellness: Healthy Living

Vet School Profile: Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences By Martha Schindler Connors

Wellness: Recipes

Dog Food Recipes: Pumpkin Cheese Cups Dog-safe “mutt cups” By Barbara Burg
(Not) Dog Food Recipes: Pup Cupcakes Small, tasty and charming treats By Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

How Much Human Speech do Dogs Understand? Both Ends of the Leash: Walking the Talk By Patricia McConnell

Culture: Science & History

The Future of Dogs Breeding for looks, not function, threatens dogs’ well-being By Alston Chase

Culture: Reviews

Perfect Paws in 5 Days (DVD) Perfect Paws Productions, 2007, Runtime 2 hours 35 minutes; $34.95 By Jo Haraf
The Art of Racing in the Rain Harper, 336 pp., 2008; $23.95 By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: Stories & Lit

Evolution Out of the doghouse, into pajamas. By Sally Asher

Culture: DogPatch

How to sing to your dog Hummed or howled, tunes find a receptive audience. By Cathy Crimmins
Lassie’s Timmy Jon Provost and his Collie co-star. By Rayne Wolfe
Career Change Notable second acts: Lydia Best By The Bark

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Prison Pups Pioneering program gives both women and dogs a second chance By Lisa Wogan
Dogs @ Work Office dogs never complain about the size of their cubicles or staying late By Julia Kamysz Lane
Dog Law: Dogs in the workplace Ask the Expert By Geordie Duckler

Dog's Life: Humane

SOS for Puerto Rico’s Stray Dogs Add your voice to the calls for more humane care By Twig Mowatt
Latin American Activists In Colombia and Venezuela, the work of a few benefits many homeless animals. By Diego Zerpa Chang

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Enrichment Toys An engaged mind equals a happy dog By Karen B. London
Puzzles for Dogs Innovative toys help dogs develop problem-solving skills By Robin Bell

Dog's Life: DIY

DIY Project Handy Tugger Toy A homemade toy to enjoy. By Michael Spears