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Issue 43: Jul/Aug 2007


Mood Swings—Research shows that dogs’ tails tell all.
Chow—Pugs Leap Cheese.
Online Kibble—Tasty web bits.
Dog Park Tips—How to help your dog have a good experience.
OLA Partnership—New leash on life for a Capitol Hill cemetery.
Citrus Crate Labels—Images of dogs helped sell the American dream.
How Humane Is Your City?—West Coast leads the list.
Eco Dog—The latest on planet-friendly scoopers.
Show & Tell—Send us your faves and we’ll share them.
Staredown in Central Park—Border Collies give Canada geese the bum’s rush.
Toby Does the Heimlich—Dog lends a lifesaving paw.
Smiling Dogs—A new family album.




From This Issue

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Canine Behaviorists’ Top 10 Issues By the Numbers By Karen B. London
Behavior: Dog Park Tips A to-do list for a great dog park visit By Cheryl S. Smith

Good Dog: Studies & Research

How to Figure Out Your Dog's Mood Tell-tail signs that your dog is feeling groovy By Julia Kamysz Lane

Good Dog: Activities & Sports

Walk Your Dog in Washington, DC's Congressional Cemetary Good works, good walks By Claudia Kawczynska

Culture: Stories & Lit

Summer Dog Looking for love—and a meal. By Bernice Kolier
A Dog’s Work Is Never Done Searching for mountain lions. By Don Katnik
Summer Magic By Fred Damiano
I Done Them Wrong Caught in the act By Cathy Crimmins

Culture: Reviews

Shaggy Muses Ballantine Books, 288 pp, 2007; $24.95 By Kay Elliott
Dog Sense (For Young Readers) Peachtree, 176 pp., 2005; $14.95 By Zoe Conrad

Culture: DogPatch

Frisbee Celebrates 50 Years A Flying Icon Spins Gold By Kevin Skaggs

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Service Dogs for Diabetics Hypoglycemia-detecting canines provide a safety net By Susan Lyte King
Ballpark Dog Major League Baseball’s first female head groundskeeper recruits her big working dog By Chris Lezotte

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Five Boys and a Bear (and a Bag) Who knew the wilderness could be so ... wild? By Val Mallinson
Water Collies Lucky dogs frolic in a water wonderland designed just for them By Deb Norman

Dog's Life: Humane

Africa Outreach Humane educator Karen Menczer works at the grassroots to help Africa’s dogs By David Pluth