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Issue 36: May/Jun 2006


We chose “Journeys” for the overarching theme for our May/June issue. We have articles about taking your dog abroad and how a family found a new dog while on a Caribbean cruise. Catherine Ryan Hyde’s evocative photos and essay highlight how a traveler can spot amazing dogs everywhere she goes, from Indian ashrams to Peruvian villages. Even Rex takes his first vacation, heading down South with his people in tow. From Elizabeth Berg, a new short story about a couple coming to terms with an expected, yet sudden, loss, and the surprising effect this has on their relationship. And from another part of the world, a witty piece by Suad Amiry, a writer and architect from Palestine, about how her little dog was issued a very precious (and rare) Jerusalem passport.

Our new art history series canvasses how master artists captured the essence of the dogs in their time. In this issue it is dogs of the Renaissance period. Plus one-on-one with best-selling novelist Amy Tan; a son’s remembrance of Jack Lemmon and the dog who beguiled him; a behind-the-scenes visit with the friendly Beagles who sniff around airports for contraband; and the skinny on flyball—a team sport that will have your dog howling to join.


Dog-Watching in Faraway Lands The world is full of singular dogs. By Catherine Ryan Hyde
The Beagle Brigade Leave it to the Beagles to sniff out even the most exotic contraband. By Genevieve Rajewski
The Dog in Renaissance Painting Noble, symbolic, humble, decorative: Dogs are everywhere in Renaissance art. By Edgar Peters Bowron
Tails of Devotion A special look at a new book about the bond between people and their pets, plus an exclusive interview with Amy Tan.
The Only One of Millions Just Like Him In this new short story by a best-selling author, a couple wrestles with mortality—both their dog’s and their own. By Elizabeth Berg

Rex in the City Rex gets out of town and enjoys some down-home southern comfort. by Lee Harrington
The Chloe Chronicle Actor Jack Lemmon played the straight man for Chloe, his Poodle buddy. by Chris Lemmon
One Dog at a Time An against-the-odds rescue changes life for one island dog. by Kim and Nancy Holston
A Dog’s Life A Palestinian architect living in Ramallah discovers new realms of absurdity when she takes her puppy to an Israeli veterinarian. by Suad Amiry
Luke Sometimes a dog just refuses to be, well, a dog. by Chris Leavins

A Silent Killer Contaminated dog food claims lives--the culprit? Moldy corn. By Donna Jackel




From This Issue

Wellness: Health Care

Holistic Treatments for Epilepsy in Dogs A holistic approach to canine epilepsy By Jenny Taylor

Culture: DogPatch

Every Living Thing Has Value Dr. Eric Davis and the RAVS team take their veterinary show on the road to benefit underserved animals everywhere. By Heather Bloch
Renaissance Art An artist’s best friend—the dog in Renaissance painting By Edgar Peters Bowron

Culture: Reviews

Cesar’s Way The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems By Pat Miller

Culture: Stories & Lit

An Emotional Rescue Katrina puppy shows couple the way back. By Beverly Breton Carroll

Dog's Life: Work of Dogs

Beagle Brigade Carrying crocodile meat or contraband tulip bulbs? Watch out for the Beagle Brigade! By Genevieve Rajewski
Bloodhound at Work Bloodhound fan and trainer Larry Allen reflects on the delicate bond between dog and handler. By Claudia Kawczynska