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Issue 34: Jan/Feb 2006


[Q & A] Spotting Rough Play: Our new column “Ask the Behaviorist” examines the dynamics of dog play. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Canine Hall of Fame] Titina: A small, orphaned Terrier became the first dog to fly over the North Pole, making aviation history in 1926. By Gay Salisbury
[Perspective] Wayne Pacelle: Humane Society President speaks out against puppy mills and the business of trafficking pets. Legislative measures aid in battle.
[Smiling Dogs] Palo, Spunky and Annie are among our favorites this issue.
[Dr. Ruth the Vet] Caring for Aged Dogs Aging canine companions benefit from timely and close attention to their health. By Ruth MacPete, DVM
[Unleashed] Is it in the cards: Susan seeks guidance from a tarot reader in finding the best homes for her fosters. By Gregory Edmont
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Dog training is in the details—small steps can make a world of difference. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Vet Education] Deep in the Heart of Texas: Innovative diagnostic procedures and treatments make Texas A&M a leading veterinary college. By Bliss Foster
[Natural/Holistic] Picking the Bones of the Raw Food Debate: Raw food or not raw food—strong opinions line up on both sides. By Christie Keith
[Interview] Mark Neff: Renown genetic scientist “deconstructs the gene pool” to uncover the origin of threatening mutation. By Jane Brackman, PhD
[Artist's Sketchbook] Ward Schumaker
[Media Reviews] Marley and Me by John Grogan, Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training Volume Three by Steven R. Lindsay, The Pet Lover’s Guide to Natural Healing for Cats & Dogs by Barbara Fougère, Planet Dog: A Doglopedia by Sandra and Harry Choron, The Year of the Working Sheepdog by David Kennard




From This Issue

Wellness: Healthy Living

Texas A&M a Leading Veterinary College Innovative diagnostic procedures and treatments make it one of the nation's finest By Bliss Foster

Wellness: Food & Nutrition

Should You Put Your Dog on a Raw Food Diet? Raw food: Yes or no? Strong opinions line up on both sides. By Christie Keith

Wellness: Health Care

Caring for Your Senior Dog's Health Aging pets benefit from close attention to their health By Ruth MacPete

Good Dog: Behavior & Training

Take Dog Training One Step at a Time In dog training, taking things one step at a time can make a world of difference By Patricia McConnell

Culture: Science & History

Decoding the Dog Genome A female Boxer provides the DNA for the first complete sequence of the dog genome—what will it mean to the health of man and dog? By Mark Derr
Deconstructing the Gene Pool Dr. Mark Neff and his team uncover the surprising origin of a potentially deadly mutation By Jane Brackman
The Canine Hall of Fame: Titina A small orphaned Terrier was the first dog to fly over the North Pole By Gay F. Salisbury

Culture: DogPatch

People Who Matter: An Interview with Doris Day By Cameron Woo, Nellie McKay

Culture: Stories & Lit

Dog's Life: Travel

The Dogs Must Be Crazy A rookie musher in Alaska’s White Mountains By Jeff Greenwald

Dog's Life: Lifestyle

Seattle’s Innovative Marymoor Park Pet Garden One of the nation’s finest dog parks By Cathy Duchamp