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Himalayan Dog Chew
An All-natural Snack for Serious Chewers

We’ve found a healthy treat to engage even the busiest dogs for hours: Himalayan Dog Chew from Mukilteo, Washington. Slow-heated using a traditional Himalayan recipe, the treat has only three ingredients, all of them 100 percent natural: yak milk, cow milk and lime juice. A treat that has no chemicals or preservatives and lasts for hours? This one’s Lola-approved! And don’t forget to stop back in and let us know what you think.

Elizabeth Kennedy is a freelance writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area. elizabethkennedy.org
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Submitted by Karen | February 7 2012 |

My dogs love these, but the chews do not last long enough for the price. My dogs went through these quickly. And yes, I had the correct size for the dogs. I paid $20 for one - not a value

Submitted by Drew Proctor | February 7 2012 |

That was my experience, too, although they were too hard for my greyhound - he just refused to try. (Often a problem with him.) The other two just wolfed them down. A big disappointment!

Submitted by Nancy | February 7 2012 |

I am a dog walker. One of the customers gave it to their year old Golden who is a big chewer. She loved it but it did not last long and she immediately got diarrhea (maybe too much milk product for her).

Submitted by Gigi | May 8 2012 |

My dog got these as presents for xmass, She had a check up in November and all was fine. I took my bichon for her rabies shot and the vet noticed her two right and left back teeth chipped off to the point of the felt showing. she is in today having them taken out and I really think it was these that did it. Way to hard. So in the long run they are pretty pricy.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 7 2012 |

My girl, a blue tick coon hound, got two of the large size for Christmas. She made very short work of them. She did love them but had I paid the price I would have been quite disappointed.

Submitted by Jen Brighton | February 7 2012 |

Speaking of winning things...although not as exciting as a vacuum cleaner...when this couple first started selling these dog treats about 5 years ago, I was the random winner of their grand prize basket at our Dog Days of Summer fundraiser for the local humane society.

Submitted by Best Bully Sticks | February 7 2012 |

At Best Bully Sticks, we know for a fact that dogs drool over Himalayan Chews! Our chews last for up to two weeks and with just a few all-natural ingredients, how could you tell Fido no?!


Submitted by Sharon | February 7 2012 |

My dog goes through the largest in an hour and I buy the largest size. He isn't some huge mastiff, or bully breed, but rather a setter! I really like the simplicity of the ingredients, but can't afford these very expensive treats.

Submitted by Audrea | February 7 2012 |

I have a pitbull & while she loved this, it was gone in under 10 minutes. It doesn't last long enough to justify the price although my pup does love it.

Submitted by Sarah | February 7 2012 |

I have a standard Poodle and a Maltese/Pomeranian mix. They adore these chews! They both chewed them incessantly until they were gone. They lasted longer than, say, pig ears, but not for weeks or even days- just an hour or 2, so are very pricey.

Submitted by Darlene | February 7 2012 |

I found these about a year ago, and my dog really likes them. I like them too because they are healthy and have simple ingredients. She has only had 2, but she is not a big chewer. She will pick it up from her box and chew it enthusiastically for a while and leave it. Her dog friends love them and do chew them down quickly (which would be costly) except for one fellow: he buried his. When he dug up, it was really disgusting.

Submitted by Concerned Pet Parent | February 8 2012 |

While I've given my 13-pound Maltese mix these Himalayan Dog Chews -- and she loves them -- they are rock hard, and my vet noticed the tips of my dogs far upper molers having been cracked off which could cause serious dental problems. So, if you're giving your dog these treats, keep a close eye on your dog's chewing habits, limit the amount of time they have access to these treats (15-20 mins. max. each time), and check your dog's teeth for damage.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 13 2012 |

My miniature schnauzers all love these. They last for weeks, even with three dogs sharing one. They chew for a while, then leave it for another dog to work on. No damage to their teeth..no upset stomachs either.

Submitted by Eli | June 10 2013 |

These do not completely break down and this nearly killed my dog. My little dog inhaled a piece and the vet had to perform emergency surgery to remove it as it did not breakdown at all after 8 hours.

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