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Has Your Dog Damaged Your Computer?
Dogs and fragile technology don’t always mix

Last week I met a friend and colleague for a work session over coffee, but before we got down to business, he told me about the latest escapade involving his roommate’s dog. The dog, a miniature pinscher who is energetic and reactive by any measure, was resting cozily in my friend’s lap as he worked on his laptop. Both were enjoying being together in this way as they often do. The next few seconds were less relaxing and much more exciting.

The sequence of events was 1) Visitor knocks at door, 2) Dog leaps straight up like a champagne cork and commences ear-piercing barking, 3) Dog collides with computer and computer power cord with tremendous force, 4) Computer crashes onto the floor in the open position, 5) Computer screen shatters, 6) Dog continues thrashing about the apartment at speeds approaching Mach 2.
As my friend put it, “You just don’t budget for things like that.” And that is so true. By definition, we never plan on these sorts of unexpected accidents. Yet most of us who have lived with a dog for any length of time have had to replace or repair some form of expensive technology because it got in the way of our dog’s exuberance.
What damage has your dog done to your computer or other costly equipment?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Frances | February 16 2011 |

Not too awful, really:
One chewed iBook power cable, fortunately unplugged at the time, replaced with a cheaper look alike.
One chewed speaker cable, repaired by my nephew with tape - not beautiful, but safe and functional.
One cheaper look alike iBook power cable, already wobbly, bounced into oblivion and replaced with an even cheaper version ...

Submitted by Annie | February 17 2011 |

Our little dog decided to chew through my laptops power cord. She had never chewed on cords before or since so I guess it must of been one good cord! Of course it was 3 weeks out from an agility trial that I was secretary for :-) thank good for overnight shipping!!

Submitted by Poosahkie | February 20 2011 |

What breed of dog is this? Ouch!

Submitted by JoAnna | February 17 2011 |

I had a cat pull one of the keys out of my laptop when she jumped on it! I was able to snap it back in, but it's never been the same. But fortunately it's not a big deal :)

Submitted by psvogt | February 25 2011 |

I had a yorkie puppy that was supposedly sleeping under the desk as I typed on the computer. All at once, the keyboard wouldn't work anymore. So I used the mouse to save and shut everything down. Then I looked under the desk and the chewed through keyboard cord was hanging out of her mouth. She did look a little dazed and confused. So I went to the computer store to buy a new keyboard, but that didn't solve the problem. Her saliva had shorted out the motherboard and it had to be replaced. It was over $200 at the time. So we bought Apple Bitter and sprayed every cord and piece of furniture in the house to discourage her from chewing things other than her toys!

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