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Guests Behaving Badly
Hotel horror stories from dog-friendly hotels
Has your dog mishbehaved at a dog-friendly hotel? Would you tell if he or she did?

If you enjoy road-trippin’ with your dog and hope the universe of hotels opening their doors to pooches will continue to expand, you don’t want a high profile travel writer to nearly step in a pile of poop in a dog-friendly hotel. It’s not good for the cause. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. MSNBC.com travel maven Harriet Baskas, who recently updated Bark readers about pet relief stations at airports, discovered an odiferous surprise just outside the elevator of a Portland hotel. After her trip, she emailed me and asked if I’d heard about this dark side of doggie guests. I haven’t but honestly this is not the sort of thing violators are going to admit to me. Meanwhile, Harriet uncovered plenty of examples of owners behaving badly. Like so many aspects of living with dogs, a few bad apples can quickly spoil the general good will and tolerance out there.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com


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Submitted by Carolyn | March 25 2010 |

Human nature being what it is, I guess this isn't surprising. But I am so sorry to hear it. My small dog travels a lot and flies annually with us to the US (at my feet as an in-cabin pet). And I've found that a quiet, clean and attractive small dog in an unobtrusive carrier gets into a lot of places you might not think were pet-friendly.

I keep a copy of her Canine Good Citizen certificate to show people if they seem reluctant about admitting her. If she is out of her carrier, leashed of course, I often ask her to "wave hello" to the authorities. That usually melts them. They figure if she can do a cute trick, she's probably well behaved and they'd be right.

As far as clean up, well, I always have poop bags, towels and plastic bags on hand for accidents. A lot of traveling successfully and hassle-free with a pet has to do with basic courtesy toward others.

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