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Google Android Still Offering Repackaged Dog Fighting App
Dog fighting is not a game
Four years after his rescue, you can still see dogfighting scars on Hector, a former Vick dog.

If you love dogs, this photo* is especially hard to look at. Imagine if this was your dog. For Pit Bull lovers, when we see these images—the brutal consequences of dog fighting—we can't help but imagine our dog in that victim's place. Why was that dog's life defined by cruelty, pain and suffering when my dog's life is spent being loved, pampered and spoiled? The difference is education.


This is why I'm asking Google Android to stop offering the KG Dogfighting app, which promotes and glorifies this inhumane, illegal activity. (This is a repackaged version of Dog Wars, which we thought had been pulled from the market a couple weeks ago.) Dog fighting is not a game. It has real-life consequences not only for the dogs, but for the children and innocent bystanders who witness the fights or horrific results. If a new generation learns to dismiss the worth of all living creatures, including themselves, there are no winners, virtual or otherwise. Game over.


*Editor's note: Originally, Julia included an image of a seriously wounded fighting dog, which we felt was too graphic for the Bark blog. She wanted to post the photo because it communicated the horror of dog fighting in stark, indisputable terms. She has a good point but we felt the image was too shocking for an unprepared reader of the blog. We agreed, instead, to show Hector, one of the beautiful but scarred dogs rescued from Michael Vick's compound in 2007. I add this note, because I don't want to change her words but felt the need to explain why the post and the image don't exactly sync.


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.


Photo by Joshua Grenell (on Flickr), used with permission.

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Submitted by Lisa | May 12 2011 |

I normally use Google several times a day during the week.

However, I will no longer use Google until they change their policy on this dog fighting game.

Shame on you, Google.

I thought your mission statement was "Be good", or "Be nice guys", or "Don't be evil" or something like that. Was that just corporate spin?

Submitted by Elizabeth P | May 13 2011 |

I'm appalled. Google should be using its power and influence to help stop this abuse, not use the abuse to gain more money and power for itself.

Is there a link to Google or to a petition that protests this?


Submitted by Angela D. | July 10 2011 |
Submitted by expandyourview | May 13 2011 |

I think dog fighting is horrible. However, we have a free market economy and people have freedom of speech. If we ban this, then why not ban other games that glorify violence? Then what's next? It's a slippery slope that we cannot afford to go down.

Submitted by Joe | May 13 2011 |

I pulled Google from my computers and sent in there survey telling them why, if enough of us do this, they may listen. As soon as I hear for sure they have pulled this app for good, I will reinstall it

Submitted by Lisa | May 24 2011 |


I just visited the website of the ASPCA, and they have a "Google Custom Search" function on their website.

Submitted by Darren | June 10 2011 |

Its a VIDEO GAME... why not ban very sniper game ? I mean, isn't killing humans worse than dog fighting ? Come on.. its America, if you don't like it, go to a third world country. Oh wait, dog fighting is accept in those places. I love dogs as much as the next person. But this is a little extreme

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