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Good Old Dog


Bone loss: Dogs undergo a decrease in bone density, but they tend not to develop osteoporosis. Dogs do experience fractures but not because of decreased bone density throughout the body, like in older people.

Neurologic decline: Falloff in this area divides into two categories: a decline of the senses, including smell, sight, and hearing; and a decline in the function of brain cells. The longer dogs live, the more important it is to watch for signs of the canine version of Alzheimer’s, because the earlier it is detected, the more treatable it will be.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 63: Feb/March 2011
Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, is a world-renowned animal behaviorist and the best-selling author of several books, including The Dog Who Loved Too Much, Dogs Behaving Badly and The Well-Adjusted Dog. He is director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
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Submitted by Izzy Ray | March 18 2014 |

Senior dogs are less active and their immune systems aren't as strong as they used to be so giving them vaccines actually might put their immune system at risk. If you want to see if they have the vaccine still working inside them you can get a titer check. Please don't just assume they need a vaccine because they are older...if anything..their risk for diseases are decreased due to a lil less activity. Do your research and domt just assume a vet knows everything...there is a lot of guessing and sometimes that ends of hurting our pups. Get a second or third opinion.

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