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Gift of Pet Care
Dear Abby letter expresses gratitude

In this morning’s Dear Abby column, a woman expressed her gratitude to her daughter and son-in-law for what she described as “the gift of a lifetime.” Knowing that their mother lives alone and on a fixed income, this couple gave her a promise to pay for all the veterinary bills for her dog and cat for the rest of those pets’ lives. Rather than little knickknacks for holidays and birthdays, they chose to pay for medical care for her animals. Her pets, and therefore this gift, mean so much to this woman.

As the season of giving descends upon us, many people struggle to figure out what to choose for their elderly parents. Any gift that relieves financial worry is always welcome, and the care of pets is one such thoughtful gesture. Naturally, not everybody has the means to pay for all of someone’s veterinary bills, especially if a pet were to require extensive or emergency care because of an illness or accident. But helping out with the cost of caring for pets can be done on any scale, and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who worries about being able to pay for what their pets require.
Is anyone on your list the perfect recipient for a gift such as this?



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Judith | November 29 2010 |

I love my cat, and would love to have a briard too. They'd make great companions in this senior living complex I now call home. Everbody has a pet or two around here, and it's wonderful t see people parading through the place with their beloved pets. It makes such a difference in our lives. They are such good companions. But veterinary bills can put the kibosh on thoughts of another animal, plus the pet deposit.

Submitted by megan | November 30 2010 |

A year ago my mum found herself living alone for the first time in decades. She needed a companion for company and to get her out of the house, we're dog people. When she adopted her Hobson I got all my siblings together and we agreed we'd fund Hobson's annual pet insurance premiums and rotate purchasing his food and supplies. This is the best gift we could ever give both of them and we all find peace of mind knowing our mum is never alone and that she'll never had to worry about cost of care for her best guy.
It is a win for everyone

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