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The Frisky Series: Family Dog

Frisky, my inspiration for Dog Humiliation, Humiliated Dog, was a former boyfriend’s childhood pet. When he was in junior high and high school, the boyfriend— Mike Marer, drummer for the punk band Bad Posture—enjoyed taking photographs and had assembled several albums’ worth featuring his dog. There was something endearing, mundane and fascinating about the number of pictures of Frisky he had taken—maybe because it was such a stark contrast to his onstage punk persona. I laid out his photos in a group of four and titled it “The Frisky Series.” When I showed it to him, he said, “All right … Frisky, man. Hey … wait a minute! You’re making fun of her!” It took a bit of explaining, but he understood finally that it was more tender than that. He adored that dog.


Artist Linda Griggs works from family photos, both her own and those of others.


Images by Linda Griggs

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