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Fight Back Against Environmental Allergies


Fed this way, many dogs respond within 30 to 60 days, but others require additional support, which usually correlates to the severity of the damage. Among the supplements that I have found useful are various mushroom polysaccharides, which help modulate the immune response; curcumin; green tea extracts; and a variety of antioxidants as well as other nutritive-type herbs such as spirulina (blue-green algae). Human research points toward the value of L-glutamine, an amino acid that has been shown to help repair the GI barrier as well as enhance overall immune response, and I often add this to an allergic dog’s regimen.

In the end, allergies are, unfortunately, common in both dogs and their people. Those who are willing to dig down and address the root cause of the allergic response may be able to not only improve the immediate condition, but also have a dramatic impact on their dogs’ health and longevity as well as reduce the need for many prescription medications.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 74: Summer 2013

Tom Schell, DVM is a graduate of Ohio State University. At his practice in North Carolina, he offers traditional as well as alternative therapies and has published several articles on the impact of herbs on inflammation and health. tschelldvm@nouvelleresearch.com.


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Tom Schell, DVM is a graduate of Ohio State University. At his practice in North Carolina, he offers traditional as well as alternative therapies and has published several articles on the impact of herbs on inflammation and health.

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Submitted by Rhonda | May 1 2013 |

My 8 year old cockapoo suffers from allergies. I have been feeding him a home-cooked diet for the past 4 months, very much as you described. But he still has problems. I would be very interested in knowing what the dosages are for the supplements you mention, especially the L-glutamine. Thank you.

Submitted by Debra | May 1 2013 |

Might be a good idea to see a specialist for your pets skin issues. There are usually dermatologists available in most major cites. Check out www.acvd.org to find a dermatologist in your area.

Submitted by Kathryn Gruenthal | June 25 2013 |

This is just what happened with my German Sheperd dog that died a few years ago. This information is too late for my boy but describes to the 't' his problems. Thanks for the information so I know how to handle this if needed in the future.

Submitted by Thera-Clean | June 3 2014 |

There is actually an all natural solution to helping dogs with skin allergy conditions. Check out Thera-Clean.com. A microbubble technology that has swept Japan and is now being introduced in North America. Talk to your groomer and vet about it. The case studies speak for themselves.

Submitted by Marilett | June 27 2014 |

My 10year old jack Russell started with licking feet and itching 3 months ago, the vet prescribed antihistamine and cortisone , dermatology shampoo etc..I even fed Hills J/D allergenic food, After all this we are still struggling to contain the allergy or itchy skin, if anyone has some advice please assist

Submitted by Deb | July 2 2014 |

My soft coated wheaten suffered with severe allergies that
affected his skin and coat. We suffered through trial and error
medications , diet changes etc . Finally I started giving
Weekly baths at my local dog wash. The owner was so kind
to reduce the price 50% as I had to go every week.
I bathed him in Head & Shoulders but it has to be the kind
with selenium sulfate. The bottle is dark blue and the shampoo
is orange. I would let him marinate for at least 20 -30
minutes before rinsing him thoroughly. He loved going
to the dog wash. The minute I would get out his bag of shampoo
and ear cleaner he would head to his leash. Probably loves the social
aspect as much as the bath.
I also changed to Fromm's Salmon and Veg dog food.
The combination made a huge improvement in his life
and less vet visits for us. You could tell the baths
made him feel so much better and the improvement
in his coat was outstanding. I can not say enough good
things about weekly baths and Fromm's . The key to the
bath is you have to let the shampoo get all of the allergins
off the coat . In Texas allergies are a big problem for
humans and canines!!!

Hope this helps someone who struggles every day
to prevent their dog from suffering.

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