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Dog Is My Décor?
Wearing your heart on your lawn.

Lawn jockeys, flamingos, gnomes and windmills—our front yards have long been a platform for inorganic self-expression. For my part, I have always exercised restraint in these matters, but after receiving an email from Bark contributor Helene F. Rubinstein, I’m thinking that’s been my loss. During a recent drive on the roads outside Reno, Rubinstein saw lawn ornaments for sale—the sort you never see in traditional stores. You know what I’m talking about, silhouettes of a cowboy leaning against a fencepost, grazing sheep, a gardener’s posterior, and dogs in variety of poses. “I couldn’t resist this one [see photo] and had it shipped back home,” Helene wrote. “I finally put it up yesterday. I love it!" Her dog has been growling at it like crazy. Fun for the whole family, but what will the neighbors think?

These aren’t that easy to find. Other than a rural road trip, your best bet is probably D-I-Y. I’m eyeing plans for a digging dog.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Trish | May 18 2010 |

Hello Lisa
I have been looking for this particular "Dog up a Tree" lawn decor ever since we returned from a canoeing trip where someone had it in the yard which overlooked the river. I flipped out when I saw it and have to have one...
Can you please tell me where you picked up your dog decor?
I would love to have one for my yard.
Thank you

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | May 19 2010 |

I wish I could send you to a source but I'm afraid the best I can suggest are the DIY book mentioned above. If you manage to track down your own, send me a photo at webeditor@thebark.com.

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