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Dog Is My Co-Pilot


The French Trail loop at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. Gorgeous, peaceful, a great off-leash hike and a wonderful, little-known side of Oakland, CA. One of our favorites!
Dog City Tours: Dog-Friendly Sightseeing in San Francisco

Buena Vista Colorado: the countless hikes in the Colligate Peaks, lovely small mountain town, perfect summer weather. All make for beautiful vacations with my dogs .
Elizabeth Smith

Every year my family, including our two dogs, enjoys going to Brevard, North Carolina and hiking in Pisgah National Forest with hundreds of miles of trails and waterfalls too. A stay in a private cabin at DogWoods Retreat is a must, close to dog-friendly Asheville.
Douglas Chang



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Submitted by Kezia Slaughter | April 30 2014 |

Visit the Westcrest Off-leash dog park in West Seattle.

Submitted by Tracey Powers | April 30 2014 |

Chase Belgrade Lakes, ME beautiful spot with lots of hiking and a great golf course

Submitted by Maeve | May 8 2014 |

My brother gave me a great suggestion last year as I went through a difficult first holiday travel season with my new dog (it was the first significant car rides he'd been through with me and he did not love it). If you're doing a long day of driving, scout the route for dog parks or state parks that allow dogs and plan a breather of an hour or so to let your dog decompress and get the crazies out. I found one for the drive home, but it was a members only run. However, a local who was using the run suggested that for future travel, if I sent the park proof of vax and license info, they can issue a temporary code to use when I pass through. My hound still appreciated a nice walk around an area that wasn't a noisy truck stop or gas station.

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