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In the Dog House


This doggone house has rubbed off on my four kids as well. They grew up with dogs—always more than one. So  I’ll be spending this holiday season with my patient (and allergic) husband, my four darling children, daughter-in-law, grand-girl and grand-boy. But to add to the Norman Rockwell moment will be my three poochies and five grand-pooches. Oh, and I can’t forget the daughter’s boyfriend’s pooch as well. So that means 10 people and seven dogs. Heaven help us.


This year, I will count my many, many blessings—and pray for a poopless New Year.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 57: Nov/Dec 2009
Kathleen Rooney Mara blogs at Kathleen's Folly. kathleensfolly.blogspot.com
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Submitted by Dean Moore | November 1 2009 |

Good read. It makes me think that the adults have lost all rational thought processes in the Moore household.

Young kids + young dogs = I've lost all hope of ruling this roost!

Submitted by Rene Shelly | December 20 2009 |

In my entire life (I am pushing 60), I only have been without a dog 2 years. Its a relief that the kids are gone, but I don't want to be without a couple dogs -- although my latest rescue Dobe is not quite as smart as my last one. It's that unconditional love and acceptance thing -- plus, you always have something/one to grouse about who won't be offended by it!

Submitted by Leslie | April 17 2010 |

Darling story. Just today I peeked into my sewing/dog/sun room and both dogs were asleep in the sun. Just precious. I quietly tip toed to my bed to catch a nap undisturbed. Well that lasted about 10 seconds. They chose napping with me over laying in the sun....too cute. When I retire in a few years, I will probably be dogless (as my two dogs are getting up there in age). My plan is to travel for a couple years and then get home and rescue more dogs. Nothing takes the place of a dog.

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