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Dog Hair in Everything She Does
Meet the singing dog groomer

When friends and relatives who don’t have dogs visit, I do a fairly rigorous vacuum to make it look like I don’t live in a rising tide of dog fur. Personally, hair bunnies don’t bother me but I figure it’s disgusting to folks who aren’t really used to it.

I know I'm not alone. To hear her tell it--rather sing it--Randi Breese is no stranger to fur in the silverware tray, the swimming pool and the chapstick. She went so far as to turn it into art, “Dog Hair in Everything I Do.” Before I posted it here for your relating pleasure, I tracked down the singer/songwriter to learn a little about the story behind the song.

The Bark: Is music a full-time gig for you?
Randi Breese: No, I have been in a few bands from time to time, but my occupation is as a dog groomer. So I have lots of experience in all kinds of dog hair!

Are the dogs in the video yours?
Two of the dogs are mine. My Border Collies, Riley and Crazy Parker. The chocolate Lab, Cammie, is owned by my friends Jim and Jennifer Zelasko, and the toy Poodle, Madison, is owned by my friends, Jim and Sandy Whittlesey.

Tell me about your dogs.
My dog, Crazy Parker, is 4-years-old and loves to compete in DockDogs. That’s where the scene of the hair in the pool came from. He holds an Elite title, which means he can jump over 23 feet! Riley is 8 and mostly likes to do agility, chase the cats and sleep on the sofa! I love them very much and their hair being everywhere is part of the inspiration for the song. The idea for writing the song came when my friend, Jim, said to me that the next song I write should be about dog hair being in everything I do. Then, voila, this funny little song was born!

Do you have any CDs?
No, I don’t. I once made a demo CD with a band I was in, but it is not available. I have lots of songs I have written over the years, though.

Where do you live?
I live in Lodi, Ohio. I love this town so much that I’ve written a song about it!

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Maya | February 13 2010 |

I loved reading this post...LOL funny!
The video is great and Randi's song is beautiful, hilarious and so true!
Just last evening I was noticing how I really needed to vacuum - overdo on the dog hair clean-up. As I was thinking I would get to the cleaning today I finished washing my face and opened my face cream to find....yes....dog hair! :)
I also wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY...my Starr is worth any amount of dog hair and vacuuming...and cleaning of the commode.
Thank you for sharing!

Submitted by Randi's Mom | February 14 2010 |

Great article on my granddogs' and my daughter. She always had a love of animals and music. Parents--you want your child to practice her piano: give them a choice in helping with dinner or practicing. It finally has paid off. I knew it would!!

Submitted by Tamandra | February 18 2010 |

LOL I adore this song! Gee, you think it's because I have a German Shedder? There is literally dog hair on everything and anything. Always. And I love it : )

Submitted by Barb | February 14 2010 |

Randi, you truly are amazing! This song writing thing needs to be pursued... although you can't stop grooming dogs.. Cooper would miss you sooo much!

Submitted by Carolyn | February 14 2010 |

Too cute & too true.

Submitted by Bobby Warren | February 14 2010 |

I am Randi's brother-in-law. She is a very talented singer, and she sings Jewel songs better than Jewel. I am not biased; it's just a fact. Good to see the video take off. It is going viral on YouTube.

Submitted by Randi Breese | February 14 2010 |

Thanks everyone for watching and passing along the video. I have been so happy with the responses it has been getting.

Submitted by Kathrine Konetz... | February 16 2010 |

I finally got a chance to view this video while having my morning coffee and all I can say is Wow! What a fun (and too true) song. As I also go through my day with my trusty tape roller close at hand, I just have to smile. My poor car is totally trashed and is known as the dog mobile, but as the song says, I wouldn't have it any other way. Bravo!

Submitted by Jeanine | February 22 2010 |

I am Randi's previous boss and current friend ;) Randi is a sweetheart and beyond talented! She adores her pets, her friend's pets, her neighbor's pets, ...you get the drift. She always has a kind word and a joke to make you smile. I have sent the video to everyone I know! Nice job, Randi!

Submitted by Laurie | February 28 2010 |

I'll tell ya, this song is the story of my life! I always joke with my friends that I eat and drink my dog's hair, because it is everywhere I look! Now I know I'm not alone! One thing I'll tell you is this: When I was deployed to Iraq, even after being gone for months, I would still occasionally find my dog's hair stuck to the velcro on my uniform or inside my shoe. And, it always made me smile, because I would think of my best friend who was waiting for me to come home. Wonderful song!

Submitted by Kiley | March 2 2010 |

Awww! I enjoyed your post very much!

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