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DIY with Probiotics


So it’s true — I follow trends. I give my dog yogurt (she’s fine with it). I have offered her homemade fermented veggies (hence the fennel-seed tip). And I have even made it routine to periodically include green tripe in her menus. What we call fads today can become tomorrow’s conventional wisdom when they prove to be legitimate practices that advance our health and happiness. I now know it’s healthy to take probiotics into account. And judging from my dog’sresponse when the tripe hits the bowl, I have the happiness part covered, too.



This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 68: Jan/Feb 2012
Elizabeth Kennedy is a freelance writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area. elizabethkennedy.org

Photograph by Ellen Soohoo

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Submitted by Savannah's Mom | March 1 2012 |

My 6 year old pit/rot/lab mix recently had a sudden bout of diarrhea. She periodically has had loose stool her entire life. Since I work for a veterinarian clinic, I pretty much always have loperamide and metronizadole on hand to help with these flair ups. But, this sudden bout was completely atypical for her - unresponsive to the medications, a bland diet offered no reprieve, and it lasted considerably longer than normal. After a negative fecal float, we did a direct smear of her stool and found an "alarmingly" few amount of bacteria. The vet recommended that we start her on a round of probiotics to regulate her system. Within two days of being on Proviable (which is just a capsule that you either feed directly or sprinkle on top of food), her diarrhea was gone. Now that she's been on the medication for almost two weeks, her stool is more firm than it has ever, ever been. Since I already use SmartPak for my horse (who is also on feed-through probiotics for stress-induced diarrhea), I'm probably going to try another priobiotic through them, though it may not be as awesome or easy as what I get from the vet (it is cheaper, though!). Here's the link, in case anyone else isn't as awesome at fermenting vegetables and all that. :) http://www.smartpakequine.com/smartcanine-digestion-8695p.aspx?cm_vc=Search