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In the Company of Cats and Dogs
Blanton Museum of Art collects more than 160 works

A rich and ambitious exploration of our ancient relationships with dogs and cats, a new exhibit at the Blanton Museum of Art collects more than 160 works by some of art’s landmark names— among them, Dürer, Fragonard, Blake, Goya, Gauguin, Hiroaki, Picasso, Cartier-Bresson, Hopper, Bourgeois and Wegman. “In the Company of Cats and Dogs” explores its subject across 33 centuries, drawing on insights from both science and the humanities to plumb the depths of this complex partnership.

Blanton Museum of Art
University of Texas at Austin
June 22 to September 21, 2014

Cameron Woo is The Bark's co-founder and publisher. thebark.com

David Bates
The Whittler, 1983
Oil on canvas, 96.5 x 78.5 in.

Marco Benefial
Portrait of a Lady with a Dog, 1730s
Oil on canvas, 45.5 x 33.875 in.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Poster for L’Artisan Moderne, 1896
Crayon brush and spatter lithograph with scraper, printed in four colors

Bates: Blanton Museum of Art, Michener Acquisitions Fund, 1983.123; Benefial: Blanton Museum of Art, The Suida-Manning Collection, 41.1999

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: Blanton Museum of Art, Gift of John S. and Patricia A. Corcoran, 2000

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Caroline Jeanette Smith
Cosmetic Spoon in Shape of Dog New Kingdom Dynasty 18, Egypt ca. 1550–1295 B.C.
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