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Collecting Antique Dog Tags


Enthusiasts find these jingling tidbits of nostalgia at estate (and “tag”!) sales, on eBay, in dusty corners or simply while walking their dogs. They are often assisted by metal-detecting hobbyists (another passion with its own active clubs and newsletters) who pass on “dug” tags that they have come across when trolling for coins or jewelry.

History buffs, dog lovers, token collectors and regional specialists all take an interest in this hobby. Dog licenses are small, durable and lightweight; they are easy to collect and store; and there’s an almost never-ending variety from which to choose. This fascinating and immeasurably satisfying hobby appeals to canine enthusiasts everywhere.



Diane Bandy is president of Dog Licenses, Tokens and Collars and the creator and orgainzer of "Happy Tails,"a volunteer-based pet therapy interactive support group serving the Pittsburgh, Penn., area. doglicense.org

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