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Chloe’s Bill Divides Dog Lovers
The AKC isn’t happy with Illinois animal advocates

In Illinois, a bill designed to reform the puppy mill industry is causing controversy. According to animal advocates such as the Southern Illinois Pet Society, Chloe’s Bill will improve standards of care for dogs in commercial kennels, limit breeders to 20 intact adult dogs, ban convicted animal abusers from aquiring a breeding license, and require Illinois pet stores and breeders to tell prospective dog buyers where their puppies came from. The American Kennel Club strongly disagrees. Do you think the Illinois legislature should pass Chloe's Bill this Tuesday, February 10? Why or why not?


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.

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Submitted by Anonymous | February 9 2009 |

I absolutely agree it should be passed. Puppy mills are horrible animal welfare problems. I don't even care what the AKC has to say about it, because their looks-based breeding strategies have caused numerous genetic issues in purebred dogs.
As far as I'm concerned, people should rescue dogs from shelters. Too many dogs are euthanised because people buy puppy mill and purebred dogs when perfectly sweet and healthy dogs are available at shelters.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 9 2009 |

Puppy mills in the United States are a disgrace to our country. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE! Why would would we allow dogs to be abused, tortured, maimed, and murdered? These are NOT REAL BREEDERS who opose this bill. These are your commercial money hungry hillbillies who have no respect for human life. Go get a real job like all the rest of the Americans and quit using defenseless animals for your horrible greedy ways.

The AKC makes money off these horrible mistakes of human beings. Tell all the members of the AKC to spend a day in a puppy mill. That's all it's about...the money.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 16 2009 |

What no one here sees, and perhaps it is because this has been responded to more by "just pet" people, and I do not use that as an insult...is that eventually, with these laws, not only will puppy mills be shut down, in fact, in some states where this is going on, it hurts more the "hobby breeder". I happen to be a hobby breeder, none of my dogs have nor ever will end up in a shelter. If the owner can no longer care for them, they return home.

You really need to read these laws completely before signing up for the bandwagon. Most of these bills are being sponsored by/because of Peta and HSUS. I won't start the war here with those 2 terrorist organizations, but only tell you to read what their founders believe about "ownership" of ANY animal. You will soon come to understand that these people mean to see the end of pet ownership in just ONE generation.

Fight this bill, it is the responsible breeders only hope of being able to have the right to breed healthy dogs!

Submitted by M&M | February 23 2009 |

I've lost count of times when teenage hoodlums and older men alike approached me to see if I'd be willing to breed my dog -- a gorgeous 4-year-old pitbull. Every time I respond the same: "my dog is fixed and yours should be too."

I am sick and tired of people breeding their dogs knowing next to nothing about their breed, or basic animal husbandry. I feel that people should be educated and licensed before they are allowed to breed their dogs and standards should be even higher for commercial breeders.

Submitted by Babs | February 10 2009 |

Why would the AKC oppose this measure if they are concerned about the welfare of dogs. Shame on them for being indifferent to these poor animals--bitches being bred over and over, poor conditions, neglected dogs. I cannot imagine any reasonable objection to this bill.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 15 2009 |

I am against this bill. This bill is 45 pages long. They are only telling the public just about improving the commercial breeders and using the public's outrage on a few bad apples to get this passed, but they do not tell you this bill will knock out the hobby breeders in Illinois. Hobby breeders where their dogs live in their homes and are part of their families cannot meet commercial regulations. There are already anti-cruelty laws. HSUS is an animal rights group not an animal welfare group that believes domestic animals should not exist. Here is the bill if anybody would like to read it.


Submitted by Sunny's Mom | February 16 2009 |

Unfortunately, what is needed is enforcement of the animal-welfare laws we already have. Sadly, there are few enforcers, and far fewer of them willing to go into the armed and dangerous lairs of the worst puppy-milling offenders. It's much easier to pass a new law that makes the sweet old lady down the block with her miniature poodles pay up huge license fees, thus looking like something is being accomplished, than it is to go after the people who were abusive criminals before the law was passed.

Any volunteers from the audience? Would anyone like to go into the swamps and tell Billy Bob Shotgun he's not supposed to have so many dogs for his cash crop?

Besides, the main problem isn't people who breed for money. It's the people who want "just one litter" -- all the thousands of them -- or say "but she always has such nice puppies" over and over.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 25 2009 |

As a hobby breeder, I think people need to be aware of the affect overbreeding has on dogs, not only physically, but genetically! The genes of our beautiful dogs are beeing ruined...people should be educated and licensed to breed. And about the 20 dog limit....if you have more than that you are clearly not a "hobby" breeder. I know the time it takes to care for 20 dogs properly, and if you consider yourself a hobby breeder and have that or more, you are clearly not taking as good of care of the dogs as you should be. Those that consider it a career however, are considerate of the number of dogs they breed, and how they breed them, and should be under close watch anyway. I dont think chloes bill will bring any harm to dog breeders unless they have something to hide.
I am writing a paper on this for college....anyone that would like to give me some input on this please email me at laurenstarwalt@yahoo.com

Submitted by Kathy Konetzka-Close | March 4 2009 |

I don’t believe that anyone who visits this site would suggest that puppy mills are a good thing. They are abhorrent to anyone with a conscience, and the day they all are put out of business will be a day to celebrate. However, responsible breeders are not the problem. Puppy mills and the industry that supports them are the problem. Rather than debate this bill, wouldn’t it better to strengthen the laws that already exist? How about making animal cruelty and neglect a “real” crime, rather than just slapping the wrist of the perpetrators? I mean, Michael Vick is already counting down the days to his EARLY release. How is that justice?? Watch any of the animal cop programs on Animal Planet and make sure to read the fine print at the end—most of the people profiled are either not prosecuted and/or are given their animals back. And if they are successfully prosecuted, they receive what amounts to a small fine and a prohibition against owning another animal for a year. It’s disgraceful. So let’s keep our eye on the prize—punishing those who abuse, neglect, and harm animals to the fullest extent of the law should be our primary concern. Most hobby breeders are responsible people who truly love their dogs and are working to improve the health of their respective breeds, which eventually improves the health of all dogs. Of course there are bad apples, and it’s incumbent on all of us who consider ourselves responsible to help educate those with less knowledge. But as with all things, it comes down to money. As long as pet stores and laboratories and ill informed consumers buy puppies from puppy mills, they will continue to exist. Punishing responsible breeders will not change that fact.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 12 2009 |

Has anyone who supports this bill read the whole 45 pages? They would be shocked by it if they have.

I do recommend you read the bills being passed by our goverments before supporting them.

I too would love to see the Puppy mills gone as much as the next person they are a disgrace! But this is not the way to do it.

Did you know anyone having 3 intact females would be concidered a breeder whether they produced a puppy or not under this bill.

Did you know that if you do have 3 intact females but do not breed and the state of illinois wanted to they could inspect your house without warrant and give you 7 days to surrender your dogs to animal control or have them euthanized? Those are the only 2 options this bill gives.

Did you know under this bill you have no right to due process only a hearing in front of the people taking your dogs?

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