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Cats v. Dogs
The not-so-great debate continues

More fodder—for both sides—in the cat versus dog debate: 1. Dog owners are more extroverted and less neurotic than cat owners and 2. Cat owners are better educated than dog owners (at least in the U.K.)!



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Submitted by FJM | February 10 2010 |

I have never understood why there should be a "versus" at all. I have both, as do many people I know. Living with a cat is like living with another adult - affectionate, good company, and given the right environment able to amuse herself, especially if two kittens are homed together. Living with a dog is like living with a child - also affectionate and good company, but needing far more supervision and entertainment. I knew it was not fair on the dog to have one while I was working full time - now I am retired I get huge pleasure from my houseful of happy cats and dogs.

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