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Burial Ban Lifted in N.Y.
Human ashes can continue to be buried in pet cemeteries

Many animal lovers want their final resting place to be next to their beloved pets. In New York, over 500 people's ashes have been buried at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in its 115-year history. Earlier this year, the practice was threatened when the state's Division of Cemeteries banned the burial of human ashes in pet cemeteries. There was a public outcry, especially among those who had already purchased plots for this purpose.

Well there's finally good news. The Division of Cemeteries announced this month that they will back off the burial ban.

The cemetery owners believe that a potential lawsuit being developed by Taylor York was the ultimate reason that the Division decided to change their mind.

York's uncle buried his wife, bunny, and two Maltese dogs at the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery. When he passed away in April, the family was unable to bury him with his wife and furry kids due to the new ban. This prompted York to prepare a lawsuit against the state of New York.

I'm glad to hear that the ban was lifted. Although I don't have plans to be buried with my pets, I feel adamant that this should be an option for animal lovers.

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.
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Submitted by Anonymous | February 7 2012 |

I feel that its ludicrous to restrict the placement of ashes with the remains of family members, when my father passed away I asked to place the ashes of his favorite companion animal ( in a sealed container) with him in his casket and was rebuffed by the funeral home. They said it was "illegal" to do so. ?? really?? I certainly cant think of a "sanitary" reason this should be restricted. Anyway when no-one was looking I placed the container with the ashes in his casket and covered it up with his jacket. No way was he going to be denied the companionship he so cherished in life be denied him in death. To this day I am comforted to know that he is not alone, and they crossed "the bridge" together.

Submitted by Jennifer Hahn | October 31 2013 |

I want my dog blue and her ashes , and a few of her things to be buried with my ashes when I die.
Animals have no rights alive-we must keep fighting for their rights when they are dead too. my father is not a religious man, and the only time that he ever says the word 'god", is when he refers to the love and devotion that he has for his great Danes. "god is dog spelled backwards" he says about his "constant companions". I was unable to accompany my fiancé to his graveside at his burial because I was not next of kin. The rights of the dead need to be brought back to life and reviewed and changed. we have so little control over our lives and our deaths. we need to have complete control over how we return to mother earth and beyond.

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