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Bringing Home a Second Dog


The more dogs you care for, the more important training becomes. You can survive one ill-mannered canine, but two poorly behaved dogs—or several—will make your, and their, lives miserable. Your benevolent but firm leadership lends itself to peace in the pack. Something as simple as consistently requesting them to sit for a cookie before going out serves as a constant reminder that you’re in charge.

I have four dogs of my own; I stand squarely in the “more is better” camp. The thousands of dogs awaiting homes in shelters and rescue groups second this emotion. Think it through, make introductions carefully, train and manage well, and you’ll have another lifelong love.




This article first appeared in The Bark,
Issue 27: Summer 2004
Pat Miller, CPDT, CDBC, APDT, has been training dogs for more than 35 years; she is also a writer and the founder of Peaceable Paws. peaceablepaws.com

Illustration by Janet Fine

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Submitted by Anonymous | January 23 2013 |

Just Saying, its the Enigizer Battery and the Duracell bunny. O.O

Submitted by JP | August 17 2014 |

Please don't assume every dog owner lives in a house with a fenced yard.

Submitted by Sharon Smith | August 17 2014 |

First I brought my dog to meet the new potential dog at their home, then a ride in the care together. 1 failed immediately in the car. Next the dog park. Next a visit to friends and their dogs. 1 failed there. Last is home. My 16 yr old has had 3 "friends" live with us, and he has loved them all. I find it is really important to be patient with the new dog, and realize this is traumatic for them to be re homed. I think it takes about a week for them to adjust and realize they are home.

Submitted by John Chapman | August 17 2014 |

The introduction of a second dog into the family, was simple for me.
Dog #1 (A Basset)was already familiar with dog #2 (A Maltese), as we all live on the same farm. I simply began letting dog #2 into the house, & in no time they acted as brother & sister ! :)

Submitted by Nimii | August 28 2014 |

Thank you for this article. I am bringing a second dog home for the first time tomorrow and I really need my two fur babies to get along. I'm going to try the park trick followed by a backyard meetup. *crosses fingers*

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